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Trissential Offers Oracle and JD Edwards Solutions for Transportation Management

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MINNEAPOLIS.Tue Feb 10, 2009

Trissential, a business improvement and project implementation company, now offers both Oracle and JD Edwards solutions for transportation management. A dedicated group of senior consultants staffs this new specialty area within the firm`s Enterprise Applications practice.

"The recession is causing management to look more closely at containing costs," said Craig Thielen, Enterprise Applications practice director. "This is spurring great interest in the leading transportation software applications such as Oracle transportation Management and JD Edwards Advanced Transportation, which help to raise the efficiencies of the inbound and outbound transportation process. Our new transportation specialty offers some of the upper Midwest`s most experienced people in the application of these world-class products."

Thielen said that many companies start the process with Trissential performing a transportation assessment. Assessments will be completed in a matter of weeks and will provide management with a comprehensive report, including a comparison of operations to best industry practices, opportunities for improvement, and a phased implementation plan showing how the company can achieve its strategic transportation goals. In some cases, these assessments lead to software selections and implementations, while in other instances the studies suggest process improvement and optimization.

Trissential`s Essential Business Model assists companies in creating linkages between strategy and the management and implementation of that strategy. The company`s culture and Essential Business Model helps to attract and retain consultants who have both the experience and passion to improve organizations.

For more information on Trissential`s range of enterprise-wide transportation management solutions, call Craig Thielen at 952-595-7970 or write Visit Trissential on the worldwide


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