Tuesday, October 18, 2011

JD Edwards E1 9.0 Demonstration

Hi all!

This year the Oracle Open World was the best year for JD Edwards in my opinion. There I could see many enhancements to the JD Edwards software, not only related to the UI experience, but in terms of support timeframe and new devices options as well.

The Lyle Ekdahl's keynote was really fun - he entered wearing pajamas and carrying a little puffy bear and talked about DREAMS. The power of dreams in JD Edwards and in our lives. This is the fact: particularly I'm here writing these lines for you and sharing this sort of information because I BELIEVE in DREAMS and Mr. Ekdahl got right in the point .

After that, he talked about the new challenges for JD Edwards such as the Big Data handling with the Oracle "Exa" machines family - Exadata, Exalogic and the most recent Exalytic. This is a perfect environment for JDE and for the primary tests JDE achieved great success and performance on those machines as shown below.

Here's a quote from Pernod Ricard's  CIO Ryan Kloss about what he does expect with this engineered solution family.

I couldn't forget the CLOUD!! Cloud computing is top trending and everybody is talking about it, but JD Edwards is already in the cloud by far! Oracle has the JD Edwards on Demand service which has many "flavours" and you can chose one that fits as best solution for your enterprise. I'll talk about JD Edwards in the cloud in another post.

Let's talk about some fusion. I mean, I'll not talk, I just want you to see the picture below and then you take your conclusions.

Do I need to say something?? :o)

The roadmap explanation show us that Oracle plans the extended support and updates until 2018, but as they mentioned they need a number, but this would be far more. The way they're updating - either E1 and World is in a more organized way and between major and minor update has tools releases and applications. Also, Lyle spoke about the site www.upgradejde.com which has documentations and tips in how to upgrade  your JD Edwards in 100 days!

Ahhh!!! Let's talk about technology!! Le'ts talk about the device options JD Edwards supports now! JD Edwards is the first ERP Application suite with full support on the iPad which may be possible to access any JD Edwards E1 applications from the iPad!! This is available now!! Tools release and applications 8.12 and 9.0! So, what are you waiting for?

Finally, the planned features. By looking the planned features, we can see that JD Edwards is focused in mobile platform and new modules such as the "ExaOrder" processing. But wait!! This name is not the final name!! Lyle wants to make it "social" so, YOU can create a name for this new module which is being develop to get the best on computing from Exadata systems. You can send a Twitter with your suggestion @OracleJDEdwards

Here is the "ExaOrder" module which needs a name!

To close this post, I'd like to give to you a demo of the new E1 interface I recorded at the event. I hope you enjoy, not only this post, but we're with a new logo and design!

Reinventing the user experience - The New E1

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Applications Tools and Technology

Best practices and Tips from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Product Development

Fulfillment Management Slides

Supply Chain Management - Exploring the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fulfillment Management Solution.

Below some pics from OOW 2011 I took on Sunday - Welcome Keynote and Monday - JD Edwards is Now!

JDE New Look

Below a video recorded on the JDE 9.0 is Now! Keynote leaded by Lyle Ekdahl, JD Edwards vice president.

This video is about the new look and feel of JDE. Introduces the "Carroussel" for applications and shows a new way to navigate in JDE.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Lyle and me!

JD Edwards Pavillion

Here we go for the first session of the day.

I'm in the JD Edwards Pavilion waiting for the General Session: JD Edwards 9 is Now! Presented by Lyle Ekdahl, group vice president and general manager of JD Edwards.

I'm really excited to see what's new for JDE and share everything with you!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Soul of the Machine @ OOW

Welcome reception!!

OOW Welcome reception

OOW 2011 crowd for the oppening keynote!

Welcome to OOW 2011!!

Ready for OOW 2011!

Hi everybody, here I am on the third year in a row to cover the OOW.

I'm really excited about many things I want to see and share with you. So, just keep looking the blog during this week and I'll do my best to spread the most recent JDE enhancements!

Also, I setup a "JDEFusion TV" which I'll broadcast the sessions live and other stuff like the Sting concert on Treasure island on Wednesday.

I appreciate your visit and let's go OOW 2011!!

Today I'm going live on 5pm to Larry Ellison's opening keynote! This is a MUST SEE keynote. I believe he'll be focusing on the new SPARC family computers and "Elastic Cloud", so, at 5:30pm PT I'm entering LIVE for the keynote!!

Thank you all!

Gustavo Barizon.