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Customer Connection Retires The Weekend of November 7-9, 2008

Find Out What You Need To Know

Global Customer Support is pleased to announce the launch of your new online support portal, OracleMetaLink 3. To deliver a more streamlined customer and partner support experience, OracleMetaLink 3 will replace Customer Connection, your current support portal, beginning the weekend of November 7-9, 2008.

During the November 7-9 transition weekend, you will not be able to access Customer Connection or MetaLink 3. This means that you will be unable to create, update, or escalate service requests (cases) via the customer portal for your PeopleSoft and JD Edwards products. If you need to perform any of the above tasks during the transition weekend, please contact Global Customer Support via telephone for your service request needs.

The transition to MetaLink 3 is part of the move to consolidate all of Oracle's support applications to a single platform. Because Customer Connection will retire this weekend, it is important to review the information below to ensure you are prepared for the migration to MetaLink 3.

Important Outage Information
Customer Connection will be decommissioned at approximately 6:00 p.m. PST on Friday, November 7, 2008. At this time, you will no longer have access to search the knowledge base, view cases, and download patches using the Customer Connection portal. If you need to perform any online service request tasks during the retirement weekend, please contact Global Customer Support via telephone for your service request needs. You should begin using MetaLink 3 as your online support portal on Monday, November 10, 2008.

Beginning Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. PST and through the transition weekend, you will not be able to access the PeopleSoft Update Gateway and the JD Edwards Update Center, Change Assistant, and Web SAR (Software Action Request) search. Once the migration is complete, PeopleSoft Updates & Fixes and the JD Edwards Update Center can be accessed from the MetaLink 3 "Patches and Downloads" tab, and these systems will continue to function as they do today. This means that authentication to the patch delivery systems will be through your new MetaLink 3 login/password. IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you pre-register for MetaLink 3 so that you can continue using these tools once the migration is complete. For more information regarding this change, please review our frequently asked questions or access the “Bugs, Patches and Product Updates for PeopleSoft and JD Edwards Products” recorded training module.

Ensure Uninterrupted Service - REGISTER NOW FOR OracleMetaLink 3
It is very important that you register for a new OracleMetaLink 3 account BEFORE NOVEMBER 7, in order to have uninterrupted online service request activities after the transition weekend. If you do not pre-register your account, you will need to register for a MetaLink 3 account after the transition weekend before you can access support through the web. To help you begin your registration process, please access the MetaLink 3 registration instructions. Your registration will require the use of a unique Support Identifier number.

Enroll in Free MetaLink 3 Training 

Prepare for the upcoming transition from Customer Connection to MetaLink 3 and enroll in a free training webcast "Moving from Customer Connection to MetaLink 3". This training will provide you with pertinent and useful details about how to best leverage the portal's benefits, functionality and use.

How to Handle Existing Product-Related Issues
The transition to MetaLink 3 does not affect all Oracle customers and partners at this time. Customers and partners using Siebel and Hyperion products were transitioned over to MetaLink 3 earlier this year and should continue using MetaLink 3 for any support interactions. The MetaLink 3 portal will be available for these products during the PeopleSoft and JD Edwards migration weekend.

Beginning November 10, 2008, you can access MetaLink 3 as your online support portal for your PeopleSoft and JD Edwards products. PeopleSoft and JD Edwards support phone numbers will remain the same; however, there will be a new menu that allows you to choose between technical and non-technical options for all product lines.

If you use other Oracle products (E-Business Suite, Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, BEA etc.) you will need to continue using your existing customer numbers and support web sites (My Oracle Support, Classic MetaLink, and eSupport) for these products until these product groups are migrated to MetaLink 3 at a later date.

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