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JDEFusion at Oracle Open World 2012!!

It's confirmed! All set for OOW'12 in San Francisco!! From September 30 to October 4, I'll be there sharing the OOW experience with you. This year I want to see in depth the new JD Edwards reporting tool - OVR: OneView Reporting. I'm really excited with the capabilities and features. It's a paradigm shift in JDE for sure. Well, lot's of things to see and to do when in San Francisco. I'll try to show a little about the city as well as work hard on the sessions. Talking about the sessions, it has more than 150 JD Edwards related (I got this number by searching for "JD Edwards" on OOW content catalog) covering from Mobile apps to JD Edwards on the cloud and of course, OVR, Financials, Manufacturing, OTC, Upgrades, Demo Grounds and everything OOW may offer to you!

Brainstorm Tech 2012

JDEFusion is not only about JDE nor about Fusion... Is about Technology... Fortune Brainstorm TECH is a marketplace of ideas that assembles the smartest people we know — the world’s top technology and media thinkers, operators, entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers. These leaders inspire a conversation that informs Fortune’s editorial coverage throughout the year. Brainstorm began in Aspen in 2001, and we know from experience that Aspen is the ideal — and idyllic — setting to exchange ideas and build relationships, the hallmarks of the Brainstorm experience. We will return again to Aspen in 2012, and look forward to another productive discussion. The virtual registration is FREE, it goes from July 16th to 18th and I do recommend a look on this conference! Also, the video quality is very good! Here is my screen print... Doug Oberhelman - Chairman and CEO of Caterpillar

Oracle JD Edwards VM Templates

Oracle JD Edwards VM Templates up and running beautifully on JDEFusion servers! BUT... We cannot find them at e-delivery anymore. They became "obsolete" and it's not possible to download directly on e-delivery. You must request the media pack from Oracle Support to be able to get those as shown on OTN thread below: I'm not sure yet if Oracle is working in a new set of templates with 9.1 version, but I know they're working hard on VM server side and did an update from 3.0.3 to 3.1.1. I tested the new version and the new visual (using ADF standards) is more intuitive and once you have the VM concept, it's really easy the migration. BUT... You'll need an ULN account to be able to update your VM Server through YUM repositories, otherwise you'll not be able to do so. They released a patch for the Server Manager, which you may download, but you cannot get the patch fo