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JD Edwards VM Templates - Release 9.1.2 - Up and Running!


Here's the screenshot of my desktop with the VM Manager and JD Edwards 9.1 up and running!

It took me only two days to make this happen and after some issues, I could make the installation. The overall performance is better than the 9.0 release.

I still need to install the deployment server and development workstation, but the appliance is here! Up and running!!

If you are planning to upgrade the tools release, the VM Templates is a FAST and reliable solution for your company to take a deep insight about what's new in JD Edwards. You can install the VM Templates and put it up and running in a matter of hours!

I did a talk at INFOCUS'12 in how to install the VM Templates using a lean concept and submitted the same paper for Collaborate'13. Whether my paper is approved or not, I'll create a complete and detailed tutorial in how to setup these templates here in the blog! Keep in touch and let me know if you have interest in this, so I can accelerate the tutorials!

- Gustavo


  1. Congratulations.
    very very interesting in your tutorial.

  2. Thanks DM... Keep in touch!

    - Gustavo

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Carmine001! I have a presentation ready for my talk on Thursday at JD Edwards Summit and as soon as I get it done, I'll publish here. Stay tuned!


      - Gustavo


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