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Welcome 2009!

Hello all! Hope you had a nice holiday time! If you didn't have vacation time, don't worry! I spent some years working in JDEdwards projects with no vacation time! Think that you're not the unique in this situation!! :o) In this crisis scenario we are living now in 2009, we'll need to take care of our carreer. This will be a challenging year. But will be a year with many opportunities.  Let's make the difference in this year! Let's interact more! Let's exchange our knowledge! Let's increase our network... Let's take off our confort zone and accept new challenges! Talking about the JDEFusion itself, we'll continue improving the content with interesting articles and news. Let's use the FORUM!! We are now 45 subscribed from all around the world!!  After the forum creation, our next step is focus in a "Wiki" way to document our Business Functions. The plan is to create a repository to Business Functions documentation using the Wiki mode