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JD Edwards & Mobility: A Deep Dive

Hello, Want to see how JD Edwards can improve your business with mobile solutions? This Friday, August 23rd I'll be doing a webinar about JD Edwards mobile solutions. You'll see the iPad App and Mobile apps in action and you'll have a better idea on the infrastructure needed also how to create your mobility strategy within JD Edwards. Here's the abstract: No longer just a market trend, mobility in JD Edwards is now a powerful reality that can extend the reach of your ERP data from the manufacturing floor and corporate offices to the field in real-time. Whether you are seeking to provide access to real-time inventory, sales and pricing data to your remote sales team or to or enable managers to review financial information and approve transactions while traveling away from the office, JD Edwards Mobile apps and the newly released JD Edwards iPad app can make it happen. In this exciting new webinar from CD Group, you will discover the potential that mobility can

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on iPad

Here are the slides for the presentation I gave in two different places this week. I did my first coas-to-coast trip in couple of days. On Monday I was in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, for a joint event of PHRUG and MAOAUG - both east coast Oracle User groups. Wednesday was the Southern California Users Group (SCUG) meeting in Los Angeles. On both places I had the opportunity to meet such good people and I want to share with you a little bit about my presentation: E1 on iPad - The real deal. I've shown all new capabilities on the newest iPad app, which you can download from Apple app store and I did a little bit different than in other presentations: I did all interactive. I let the audience try and experiment a live JD Edwards using the iPad app. Also, I created some sort of custom application for questions. At the end, I ran a custom UBE and I had all the questions on the iPad screen. So, at the end of session, I ran another UBE to randomly pick one record in the middle

Composite Application Framework on iPhone

Works fine if you need a quick reference in the system! -- Sent from Gmail Mobile

Is your JD Edwards Growing?

Oracle VM Templates 9.1.3

Oracle just announced last week at Collaborate'13 the availability of new tools release 9.1.3 and we're already running!! With the addition of two new servers for OneViewReporting and Mobile, the new JD Edwards VM Templates are up and running at JDEFusion labs! I just installed in a matter of hours and I'm amazed with the new features. The documentation is still confusing - for example with the same file names for 9.1.2 and V99999.img for the new servers, but it's ok. I could figure out the correct image names. I'll work a little bit more on the servers, and I can't wait to see the mobile application and OVR running! Stay tuned and welcome 9.1.3!!!



JDrivE is a JD Edwards solution to manage your customer's input and output interfaces in a central repository. Adding this concept with JD Edwards Screen Applications and Reports, JDrivE is able to control, map paths on the fly, log interfaces activities, archive the processed files and much more.  Also, JDrivE will handle interface's errors in a pro-active way. If it has a problem, JDrivE will avoid the file to be processed, alert the responsible for that specific interface and at the end create a knowledge base for future troubleshooting.  With statistical reports on interfaces, your company - or customer - will have another view from transactions between banks, customers and suppliers in a granular view, directly on the source. This information can be used for auditing and checks with the system. Another possibility, you may see how long the interface process run, so you may tune your load / extract programs for better performance.  The solution counts with O

New Job Posting - JDE XE to EnterpriseOne Consultant

Job Title   JDE XE to EnterpriseOne Consultant Location Los Angeles, CA Salary or Rate   150K Job Description   We are seeking JDE Techno/Functional Analysts and Sr. Consultants with JDE Xe to E1, JDE 9.0+, WMS (Warehouse Management), Or Distribution / Retail. Southern Cal (1-2 years+ duration). Please connect if you know anyone and I will send you the details. Please send an email to if you have any interest in this position. Best, - Gustavo Barizon

JD Edwards Summit - The Experience - Part I

WOW!! That's the word to describe the JD Edwards Summit'13!! Definitely it was a BIG DEAL!! Lots of networking, techie and geek stuff, JD Edwards news and so much fun! This year Lyle made a money rain! Yes, he and his team threw away some dummy money into the blowers and we've got our money rain!! Literally! It's raining man! Aleluia, it's raining MONEY! So, talking about Lyle's keynote, it started quite on-time - I got there a little late, because of heavy traffic from Denver to Broomfield - and I got surprised by the crowd in the conference room! It was really packed with people from all around the globe. It's a good sign for JD Edwards. As so good that 2013 is the YEAR OF JD EDWARDS, as Lyle stated in his presentation. 2013: The Year of JD Edwards! Luck, Peace and Prosperity! Packed!! A general view of Lyle's session Here's the result of the money rain!  Back on track again, after all this rain, one me

The JD Edwards Song

Here's the Techno / Lounge beat I've mixed for Oracle's JD Edwards runaway show at OOW'12. It was fun and intense to create this music, first because we're going to the delivery deadline and second because I had no clue how to use Garage Band!! Well, at the end, I've recorded myself saying: "JD Edwards" and mixed up the tones with some effects and we can see - or better: HEAR - the result here! Hope you enjoy the "JD Edwards Song"!! Besides the JD Edwards passion, I'm also a musician. I play acoustic guitar, so check out my Sound Cloud channel:

Implementing JD Edwards VM Templates

The Oracle VM Templates, suitable for a full production environment or sandbox purposes, are the fastest way to install EnterpriseOne 9.1. Learn how to install a complete set of JD Edwards 9.1.2 VM Templates using a minimal hardware and network infrastructure as well as Oracle virtualization tools – Oracle VM Server 3.1.1. Explore hardware requirements, networking, storage and virtualization options. Leave ready to start playing with this technology, for a low cost, simple and fast JD Edwards implementation.

Oracle JD edwards Summit 2013

Breakout Sessions time!! Mobile Applications

Oracle JD edwards Summit 2013

Breakout Sessions time!! Mobile Applications

Yes! We're GOLD Sponsors!

We're proud to announce that we're GOLD sponsors here at JD Edwards Summit!

Oracle Summit 2013

Here I am at Oracle Broomfield campus and I'll update you with the most recent news Oracle is releasing this Summit.