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Hi All Mars 2002. It was about 9:00 am. I have just arrived to my first day in JDEdwards. You know, just forget about JDEdwards for now. It was the day I met my new friends: Evandro Mirres, Gustavo Barizon, Rodrigo Uzeda, Alessandro Braga, Eduardo Brizolla and Cia. We did a lot. Good times (I have had the time of my life... I think I could do a music with that!) Well, back to JDEdwards now I am honored to be invited by two of them to post in this blog: Barizon and Uzeda! And I say honored, because, you know I like a lot these guys! At that time we where in Rio (How I miss it!), working in that crazy project (White Martins solutions) who gaves us the startup to the JDEdwards road. Now they are in the United States and I am in France. So now I assume a chalenge: connect Europe, EUA and South America and make it more close this JDEdwards comunity. For now, I can tell you that I have just started my researchs in Europe in the JDE subjects, but can tell you that we have a Big market here. F

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in IPad

Do you think that will be possible to use JDE in IPad? I was thinking about that. I've tried many times with my Iphone, but it not works. Actually the JDE logon screen opens, I can enter with the user/passwd, select the login environment and I got into JDE. But when I try to open a program, no grid or form appear, nothing. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 is Safari certified, but the Iphone version doesn't render the grid / form in appropriate way, maybe because the javascript runtime for the events - as we know, a lot of processing behind the scenes happens when we simply change the line in some applications. Another point of view is: Iphone is pretty small. The minimum size screen avoid an extensive use of the phone to be used for example as a sales force automation. But the thing changes the figure with Ipad. Could you imagine your sales team carrying IPads and taking the order online on JDE? I believe that can be a lot of more utilities for the business to IPad. Since for