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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in IPad

Do you think that will be possible to use JDE in IPad?

I was thinking about that. I've tried many times with my Iphone, but it not works. Actually the JDE logon screen opens, I can enter with the user/passwd, select the login environment and I got into JDE. But when I try to open a program, no grid or form appear, nothing.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 is Safari certified, but the Iphone version doesn't render the grid / form in appropriate way, maybe because the javascript runtime for the events - as we know, a lot of processing behind the scenes happens when we simply change the line in some applications.

Another point of view is: Iphone is pretty small. The minimum size screen avoid an extensive use of the phone to be used for example as a sales force automation. But the thing changes the figure with Ipad. Could you imagine your sales team carrying IPads and taking the order online on JDE? I believe that can be a lot of more utilities for the business to IPad. Since for sales force to an executive to check the sales as graphics in embedded BI Publisher applications...

And about you? Do you think IPad is good for business? Is IPad good for JDE? Is someone available to develop JDE Solutions for IPad? If so, please contact me and we can start a project to deliver JDE to IPad platform.

In this meantime, follow an "JDE IPad Concept".


  1. Interesting. I still remember back in 2007/2008 when the first iPhone just got released, going to the Apple store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan and picking up one of the display units. The first thing I did was navigate to the client's JDEdwards 8.11 URL. I was able to successfully log in, and even run applications in E1. And this was a first-generation iPhone! I wonder what changed between then and now.

    Boris Goldenberg

  2. I have found a workaround for using JDE on an ipad. We have an external webpage to access JDE.
    As you know mobile safari will not render the JDE application pages.
    First you need the Atomic Browser (.99cents).
    Under settings you can change the web rendering options to IE or Firefox.
    After changing that setting I am able to access full functioning JDE.
    Hope that helps

  3. hello from Spain,
    I need help to run jd Edwards in my ipad. I have got atomic browser like Mitch said and when I try access jde it´s impossible and gives me this message:

    "Could Not Complete Request
    Not allowed to use restricted network port"

    Please help me in

    Sorry but my english is very bad.


  4. Mitch!!!
    You're a business saver...:)


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