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Happy Holidays!

Oracle User Productivity Kit ( UPK )

Oracle User Productivity Kit is a collaborative content development platform that allows enterprises to drive user productivity and mitigate risk throughout all phases of the software ownership lifecycle. As a result, companies can maximize the return on investment (ROI) of their enterprise application deployments.

ORACLE – SPED NFe para JDEdwards

ORACLE – SPED NFe para JDEdwards Auditorio Oracle / SP – 13/08/2008 das 8:30 as 12:00 Apresentação de Andre-Faria – Gerente de Canais e Alianças – Oracle, onde acolocou os objetivos da reunião: Apresentar as estratégias da Oracle par SPED e Nfe para a plataforma. Estavam presentes na reunião: Diane/Salvador e Guido, principais responsáveis pela localização do produto e Odair,Gerente de vendas da Oracle e alguns parceiros de Solução: o Mastersaf: José Lima o Synchro: Martinez o Alliance: Dulce o Lynas Logic - Angelo o Lumen IT - Werner · Diane, juntamente com a sua equipe apresentou um overview da solução, bem como algumas planilhas que foram mapeadas pela Oracle e irá facilitar para a base na identificação das informações para o Sped/NFe · As seguintes datas de entrega/estratégias foram apontadas pela Oracle o SPED Fiscal = Q4 2008. § Foi sugerido aos clientes modificarem as UBEs de 0 a 8 a UBE 9 é o formatado

Visit our forum!

Visit our forum! If you have any question about JDEdwards, join in our forum and just ask! I received a solution about an important issue about security to PD packages!! You can see the discussion at: Come on! Join us!! Became our member!

JDE 9.0 tips - Save specs

Hello! Sorry by the long time without posting. This year's end has been a little busy over here! Now, I want show a new JDE 9.0 feature: Specs Saving in OMW. You can save and restore your spec to different machines just using OMW without packaging. You save a file and can copy to any media you want and restore it in another machine. Below a little tutorial explaining this feature: Saving/Restore Tutorial 1. Choose your report or application, select and click the button SAVE 2. A confirmation screen will be shown to select the type of save to perform. To save a ZIP file, press button "YES " . If you press "NO", the traditional save/restore location will be used.   3. After pressing "YES" button, select the folder you want to save your report/application 4. Your spec will be saved to the desired location you chosen. Now, let's restore the report: Click the RESTORE button 5. Click "YES" to the Overwrite local Specs message box 6. Press &q

Brazil: IT's next India?

Brazil: IT's next India? Brazil's IT workforce offers the business savvy and technical skills to make offshoring there a worthwhile option for IT's outsourcing needs TAGS:  Outsourcing Whereas India, China, Eastern Europe, and Russia get the most attention when it comes to outsourcing IT work, Brazil is fast becoming a competitive destination, offering top-quality IT talent in an intriguing location, business-wise. Of course, every location and workforce, including here in the States, has pluses and minuses -- be it wage scale, time zone, professionalism, or understanding of business requirements. With that in mind, Brazil offers a workforce of IT professionals worth considering for your next outsourcing endeavor. [ For tips on landing an IT job in Brazil and beyond, see  InfoWorld's guide to offshoring yourself . ] I spoke with Antonio Moreira, CEO of Stefanini IT Solutions' North American operations. Stefanini is a Brazilian IT service provider with 7,000 employee

JDE Metalink 3 - First Look

Today i had my training session about Oracle Metalink 3. It's nothing like the Old "Knowledge Garden" or Peoplesoft web site. A new concept is being introduced to the JDEdwards users. It represents Oracle's effort to continue improving support, shows up a new generation search engine, and a new way to interact with businesses. The class that I had was broadcasted from São Paulo, Brazil - Last week I made a mistake with the english training hour. The course began 3pm CST, but I went 4pm CST, so I lost the course. The first class on monday was 11am CST in portugese and i got it! Andrea Freitas from Oracle explained everything very well. I was the only person who attended the course, but we had more 4 subscriptions. Unfortunatelly, the free number (0800) didn't accept an international call. The audio went through the training software and I interacted typing on the chat window. She patiently answered my questions. At the end of the course, I asked her about a survey

We are 32 now!!

JDEFusion Forun has 32 members! Thanks all who joined in our forums! There you can easily post your question to others and discuss in many groups as: Technical Tools SOA General Accounting Fixed Assets DBA AS/400 RPG And more! Feel free to join our forum and let's start a new approach in how to find a solution! In our forum, you can search as google style, just type what you want and the result will come. Not more complex way to search and not get the result as you want!!

Customer Connection Retires The Weekend of November 7-9, 2008

Find Out What You Need To Know Global Customer Support is pleased to announce the launch of your new online support portal, Oracle MetaLink 3. To deliver a more streamlined customer and partner support experience, Oracle MetaLink 3 will replace Customer Connection, your current support portal, beginning the weekend of November 7-9, 2008. During the November 7-9 transition weekend, you will not be able to access Customer Connection or MetaLink 3. This means that you will be unable to create, update, or escalate service requests (cases) via the customer portal for your PeopleSoft and JD Edwards products. If you need to perform any of the above tasks during the transition weekend, please contact Global Customer Support via telephone for your service request needs. ESSENTIAL INFORMATION The transition to MetaLink 3 is part of the move to consolidate all of Oracle's support applications to a single platform. Because Customer Connection will retire this weekend, it is

Oracle Magazine - Nov / Dez 2008

The most recent Oracle Magazine issue: November / December 08 Update yourself!!

Oracle Database Machine

With Larry Ellison's OpenWorld 2008 announcement of the HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server and the HP Oracle Database Machine, Oracle is revolutionizing high performance data warehousing. Customers are experiencing performance boosts of 10x or more over their current Oracle data warehouses. The  HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server  has smart storage software that offloads data-intensive query processing from Oracle Database 11 g  Servers and does the query processing closer to the data. It is at the heart of the  HP Oracle Database Machine , a complete system, including software, servers, and storage, designed to run high performance multi-terabyte data warehouse. Learn more about  Oracle Exadata Storage Learn more about  HP Oracle Database Machine Learn more about  how customers are achieving 10x or more performance boosts to their Oracle data warehouses now is part of ORACLE OTN Latin America

We are listed now at Oracle OTN Latin America Blogs

JDEdwards 9.0 DEMO Installation Tutorial

Hello! Here's the new tutorial on JD Edwards 9.1 You may want to install the 9.0, but I do recommend you to install and try the 9.1 with the new user interface and the "pages" feature. Click the link above and enjoy the video tutorial! Oracle announced JDEdwards most recent version: 9.0 in September 2008. Below, a complete tutorial of how to download and install this version. Feel free to comment if you have any questions about this tutorial. After that, we'll discuss many new features included in this version, as the new "Save" option. Now you can save your specs in a file and restore in another location without deployment, just using OMW. So, let's rock! The first step is to download the DEMO version to your machine. Go to click Continue 1. Media Pack Search Choose JDEdwards Enterprise One and your platf

The good news is you have a job.

The good news is you have a job. Think of the person who does not have a job and wants one. If your job is opposite of what you studied, I hope you use this as an opportunity to learn something new. When we go to college / university, we go for more than one reason. One reason is to study something we are interested in, and another reason is to see a bigger world. Studies prepare us to be open to learning as we grow older. Do not be upset for not using your studies in your job. That is okay. I know your question is "what should I do?" 1) be the best you can at your job - this may lead to new opportunity with your company. Ask for more responsibility if you think you are ready to handle it. 2) keep networking with other people on this blog/forum that you don't know - this could lead to more opportunity 3) Smile! I also want you to do this: Get some paper and write down the things you have passion about - and not just work or studies - the things you enjoy doing, your speci

Companies and Consultancies JDE in Brazil

Companies and Consultancies with JDE in Brazil (Empresas e Consultorias que trabalham com JDE no Brasil) I will put some here Companies and Consultancies that work with JDE in Brazil, please complete with another that you know Vou colocar algumas Empresas e Consultorias que trabalham com JDE aqui no Brasil , por favor completem com outras que vocês souberem Thanks / Obrigado : Companies : Kraft Foods ( WS ) , Electrolux (OW) , Reckit Benkinser (WS) , Pfizer (WS) , White Martins (OW ) , Granado (OW ) , Castrol (WS) , Ipiranga (OW) , Michelin (OW) , Tupperware (OW ) , Net TV a Cabo (OW) , Pernod Ricard (OW) , Schain (OW) , Cargill (OW) , Johnson & Johnsons (OW) , Brapelco (OW) , Placas do Parana - Arauco (OW ) , Correios (OW) , Honda (WS?) , Brasanitas (OW) , Caminhos do Parana (OW) and Diveo (OW). Consultancies : Grupo Assa , MPL , Stefanini , YKP , Agoras , Apoli , ProcWork , EDS and Accenture

JDE Enterprise One 9.0 & Tools 8.98

Oracle Unveils Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98 Latest Releases Incorporate Customer-Driven Enhancements; New Project and Government Contract Accounting Module Supports Complex Project Management Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, CA – September 23, 2008         News Facts Oracle today announced Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0, the latest release of one of the company’s leading ERP platforms, and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 includes a new Project and Government Contract Accounting module that helps meet the diverse and complex project management requirements of industries such as engineering and construction and professional project-oriented services. The new module also helps project-oriented firms meet U.S. government standards and requirements, such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the U.S. Cost Accounting Standar