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JD Edwards Summit - The Experience - Part I

WOW!! That's the word to describe the JD Edwards Summit'13!! Definitely it was a BIG DEAL!! Lots of networking, techie and geek stuff, JD Edwards news and so much fun! This year Lyle made a money rain! Yes, he and his team threw away some dummy money into the blowers and we've got our money rain!! Literally! It's raining man! Aleluia, it's raining MONEY! So, talking about Lyle's keynote, it started quite on-time - I got there a little late, because of heavy traffic from Denver to Broomfield - and I got surprised by the crowd in the conference room! It was really packed with people from all around the globe. It's a good sign for JD Edwards. As so good that 2013 is the YEAR OF JD EDWARDS, as Lyle stated in his presentation. 2013: The Year of JD Edwards! Luck, Peace and Prosperity! Packed!! A general view of Lyle's session Here's the result of the money rain!  Back on track again, after all this rain, one me

The JD Edwards Song

Here's the Techno / Lounge beat I've mixed for Oracle's JD Edwards runaway show at OOW'12. It was fun and intense to create this music, first because we're going to the delivery deadline and second because I had no clue how to use Garage Band!! Well, at the end, I've recorded myself saying: "JD Edwards" and mixed up the tones with some effects and we can see - or better: HEAR - the result here! Hope you enjoy the "JD Edwards Song"!! Besides the JD Edwards passion, I'm also a musician. I play acoustic guitar, so check out my Sound Cloud channel:

Implementing JD Edwards VM Templates

The Oracle VM Templates, suitable for a full production environment or sandbox purposes, are the fastest way to install EnterpriseOne 9.1. Learn how to install a complete set of JD Edwards 9.1.2 VM Templates using a minimal hardware and network infrastructure as well as Oracle virtualization tools – Oracle VM Server 3.1.1. Explore hardware requirements, networking, storage and virtualization options. Leave ready to start playing with this technology, for a low cost, simple and fast JD Edwards implementation.