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IFRS and JD Edwards

Although the transition to global IFRS adoption will have its challenges, it will also bring considerable benefits. IFRS is intended to improve transparency and comparability in global markets. JD Edwards has been addressing IFRS requirements for many years. Oracle customers in more than 100 countries are currently reporting according to IFRS with JD Edwards EnterprieOne and JD Edwards World. In fact, JD Edwards has had customers who have been reporting using IFRS since release Xe for EnterpriseOne and A7.3 for World. As organizations begin to evaluate the impact of IFRS on their accounting practices, JD Edwards customers will find familiar features that support IFRS, as well as features developed specifically for IFRS. With proper planning in concert with accounting compliance advisors, customers can identify and exploit the features available in JD Edwards needed to assist with the transition to IFRS. ORACL

Jobs - Senior JDE Consultant (Brazil / Latin America)

Senior JDE Consultant ERP JDEdwards – Finance and Distribution Modules (Version A 7.3 – As/400). JDE Finance Modules – GL, AP, AR, FA JDE Distribution – PO, SO, IM Development skills: Experience in AS/400, RPG/400, RPGILE, CL/400 Language skills: Fluent spanish Where: São Leopoldo – RS, BRASIL Maintenance and JDE Support in Latin America Thanks.