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Continuous Improvement

Do you think Continuous Improvement on JD Edwards will make your life better? Instead of disrupting your business in a "big-bang" approach, Oracle JD Edwards now embraces a continuous delivery methodology: small features, within short space of time. This means less disruption, more time to learn and take advantages of new features. Let's embrace these changes together? Follow innova9 here on LinkedIn

Use Orchestrator for Flat Files!

Are you on 9.2 and having a developer create batches (UBE's) to do integrations?

Use Orchestrator instead!

Orchestrator now handles files, so the other end doesn't need to be on REST / JSON for business services.

Migrate your interfaces to Orchestrator and get the benefits:

Lower costs: no development resources neededAccelerate production time:No packages buildsUser Defined Objects - UDOs promotion and security lifecycleUse scheduler: No need to pay extra buck for external schedulersBuilt in Notifications: notify when something happensShare the results: send the files via FTP / SFTP or REST internally or to other sites

Contact us for an assessment on your current integrations, and save in the long-term by migrating your flat files interfaces to Orchestrator.