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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne The Complete Reference

e-Book - $89.99

Your definitive guide to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Implement and maintain a fully integrated, SOA-based ERP framework across your entire corporation. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: The Complete Reference explains how to install and administer JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, store BI information in data marts and warehouses, manage servers and portals, and develop customized applications and kernel processes. You'll also learn how to create and distribute packages, use the security workbench, optimize performance, and apply the latest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne updates and tools releases.

  • Set up and configure the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications suite
  • Work with Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MSDE, and SSE data sources
  • Define JD Edwards EnterpriseOne path codes, task views, and environments
  • Deploy the object configuration manager and solution explorer
  • Build client and server packages, media objects, and data warehouses
  • Secure JD Edwards EnterpriseOne using LDAP, single sign-on, and third-party tools
  • Administer portals and Web sites using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne's HTML server and server manager
  • Troubleshoot and tune your system using the performance workbench

Covers Release 8.12

Table of contents

Part I: EnterpriseOne Explained--Inside and Out 
Chapter 1. The Future of EnterpriseOne and Fusion 
Chapter 2. EnterpriseOne Building Blocks 
Chapter 3. Solution Explorer 
Chapter 4. EnterpriseOne Servers 
Chapter 5. Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence 
Chapter 6. Interactive and Batch Applications Defined 
Chapter 7. Packages and Their Delivery 
Chapter 8. Foundation Code 
Chapter 9. EnterpriseOne Kernel Architecture 
Part II: System Administration and Troubleshooting 
Chapter 10. EnterpriseOne Specialty Applications 
Chapter 11. EnterpriseOne Security 
Chapter 12. EnterpriseOne Administrative Tasks 
Chapter 13. Printing in EnterpriseOne 
Chapter 14. Web Servers and Portals 
Chapter 15. Upgrade Tools and Rules 
Chapter 16. Optimizing EnterpriseOne for Your Business 
Chapter 17. Troubleshooting EnterpriseOne 
Appendix A: The EnterpriseOne Implementation 
Appendix B: Offshore, New Shore, and Remote Development 

Biographical note

Allen Jacot has more than a decade of J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation experience and has worked with the product since its original beta release in 1996. Joseph E. Miller has worked on more than 60 implementations of the EnterpriseOne/OneWorld product over the last 10 years.Michael Jacot is a senior principal consultant for Oracle J.D. Edwards Consulting Services and has managed many different types of EnterpriseOne implementations. John A. Stern has participated in more than 30 EnterpriseOne implementations.


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