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JDEFusion on U2!

Hello everybody!

This is not related to JDE, but it's a cool thing!

U2 is in tour around the world, and tomorrow and sunday they will be at Chicago, Soldier Field. JDEFusion will be there to cover the event too!! eheheh

I'm not U2 fan, but this 360 tour is really amazing!

I'll post some pictures here in real time from the show, to prepare for the Oracle Open World! I'll send directly from my Iphone in real time to the blog. I'll go on Sunday (blood sunday!!) 13th!! Start posting 7pm CST.

Tomorrow in Chicago will be at fogo de chão and walking thru the city...


Gustavo Barizon.


  1. Gustavo, I'll be waiting the photos on real time.

    It's very cool.



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