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JD Edwards 9.1.2 VM Templates released

Here's a screenshot of my first impressions with the new JD Edwards VM Templates.

I tried to load the templates on my VM Server which I'm running JD Edwards 9.0, but didn't work as I expected.

Now, I virtualized the new VM Server - version 3.1.1 - on my desktop and installed the VM Manager on an Oracle Linux VM to do a preliminar tests before doing something on my HP server.

I'm really excited with this new version and it's coming complete with the most recent updates and features, and the learning curve is minimal for the VM Server Manager.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne – A Flexible Architecture
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications run on top of a robust, flexible, and highly configurable architecture. Various components, such as logic servers, database servers, and web servers cooperate to provide a scalable and configurable technology platform that accommodates enterprises of all sizes, user counts, industries, and geographies.

Companies sometimes invest weeks to design, implement, and test the architecture that exactly meets their needs. However, not every implementation of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne requires such rigorous attention during the installation phase. Many customer scenarios can be accommodated by a fundamental configuration on a preconfigured technology stack. Providing a rapid installation of a base configuration, yet allowing for modification, yields the best of both worlds. Oracle VM templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne deliver this solution.

Oracle VM Templates
Oracle VM is Oracle’s state-of-the art virtualization offering. Oracle VM can be applied to address many IT issues, for example, server consolidation, disaster recovery, and high availability. Oracle VM templates are particularly effective in addressing the issue of rapid application deployment. Oracle VM can encapsulate the complete configuration of a virtual server into a data file—a template. This template can be used to create a new virtual machine, which then functions exactly as the original virtual machine. Oracle provides many such templates for its products, which customers can use to rapidly deploy applications and technology products.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools
Deployment server to match preconfigured servers
Oracle Linux
Oracle Database
Oracle WebLogic Server

User Interface enhancements make every aspect of JD Edwards easier, faster and more efficient, radically transforming the experience. JD Edwards takes full advantage of the new UI style that Oracle is building for the next generation Fusion Applications. In addition, this release includes the following innovations:
• Role base, configurable EnterpriseOne Pages are highly interactive and give users quick access to essential applications and reports.
• Menu Toolbar and the Carousel are the easiest way to launch applications, access reports and personalize favorites.
• Freeze, unfreeze, hide and show column personalization’s allow users to maximizes screen space and reduce the need to scroll to see the right data.
• Enhanced Query gives users a quick way to create and save powerful searches.
• Mobile computing is available on Apple iPad, including JD Edwards specific touch gestures, and Smartphones.

The Related Information Application Framework can be configured to automatically bring up external content such as Business Intelligence or external web applications which are
related to the JD Edwards information displayed.

IT Administration could not be easier, with Tools 9.1:
• Enterprise Manager 12c and JD Edwards Management Suite now enable administrators to define memory usage thresholds and alerts to remediate runaway processes for higher stability.
• Oracle Virtual Machines – VM for x86 has been certified for JD Edwards to make replicating or cloning an ideal system configuration even faster 
• Clustering enhancements in the latest Tools release increase the resiliency of business services and transaction servers, eliminating a single point of failure.
• Certification of the latest Oracle Technologies including Fusion Middleware 11g PS4, Linux 6 and Solaris 11.
• Certification of the latest 3rd Party browser technologies including Safari,Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.
• A simple portal can be delivered using EnterpriseOne Pages, eliminating the cost of a separate Portal Server infrastructure.
• The Customization Object Analyzer and Application Configuration Analyzer take cost and risk out of the upgrade process.

As I promised, I'll publish here the result of my studies and researches in video tutorials, papers and other materials. Stay tuned on and you'll learn how to implement the VM Templates on your home-office or company for Sandbox with a minimal hardware setup.


  1. i am testing these templates too.
    I installed VM and VMM in my HP server.(i know is not recomended) Then upload templates and configure them. But when i running them i get I/O errors after a few minutes. I'm investigating it.
    I wait your future publish about your test

  2. Hi DM,

    Thanks for your comment. So, I have the JD Edwards VM Templates on a HP server for almost one year without any problem.

    The reason it's not recommended is only when you use as a local repository. In my case, I have created the storage using NFS and it's working really good. No problems at all and the performance is great.

    BUT, I'm facing some issues now with the templates itself. I've tried several ways to start the Templates, but no success at this point.

    First, I imported to my VM Server 3.0.3. Didn't work. It gave me an error saying the boot loaded didn't send any answer.

    Then, I've created 2 virtual machines using Oracle Virtual Box, downloaded and installed "by hand" the VM Server and VM Manager 3.1.1. I thought maybe the appliance should work. Next try, same error.

    Now, I decided to download the VirtualBox appliances of VM Server and Manager 3.1.1. I tried both DB and HTML templates and again, same error and no boot at all.

    I ran the Linux 5 VM (the system template which came with the 9.0 templates) and the machine started - I couldn't SSH to the VM on both - the set I've installed and the set from Oracle, but I got a JNLP parse error. But at least the machine was running.

    Next week I'll destroy my 9.0 setting on my HP Proliant server and I'll try to do a bare metal installation of VM Server 3.1.1 and I'll tell you the results.

    I'm really excited to see the new tools release and this week was tough - and frustrated - because I couldn't make the appliance work. But I believe this new approach things will be more clear then...

    Let's keep in touch and update here just in case you find any solution, ok?

    - Gustavo


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