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The INFOCUS Experience

Here's the INFOCUS'12 onsite guide
Think of an event where you breathe JD Edwards.

Think of an event where you can reach and talk directly with the JD Edwards Experts from Denver.

Think of an event where you can have your questions answered or find the solution of a problem in your business.

Think of an event where you have the main vendors and solution providers in JD Edwards: solutions in Archiving, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Integration, Disaster Recovery and more.

Think about a personalized event focused solely in JD Edwards processes, techniques, solutions and new technologies.

This is the INFOCUS experience.

At INFOCUS we had sessions related to:

  • Upgrade
  • Human Capital Management
  • Manufacturing, Distribution and Supply Chain
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Financials
  • Agile and Collaboration techniques
  • BI Publisher / OneView Reporting
  • Asset Management
  • Advance Cost Accounting
  • Media Objects
  • Real State
  • Security
  • Global Implementations
  • Purge and Archive
  • SIG Meetings
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite - OATS
  • Mobile Applications
  • Business Services
  • Project Costing
  • VM Templates
  • Transportation Management
  • E1 Pages
  • Supplemental Data
  • Self Service
  • WebCenter
  • Credit Card Integration
  • Training...

... and much more!

On Wednesday, I got to the Omni Interlocken hotel just on time and I had no problems to get my badge. Then I talked with some folks from Oracle - which had their Support booth on the entrance and they gave me this Avengers poster. Yes, I put on a frame and it's in my office now!

By the afternoon when the event started, we had the Quest Welcome keynote with Jim Whalen from Quest and Dawn Baker from Oracle.

Jim Whalen at INFOCUS'12

Dawn Baker at INFOCUS'12

The schedule was well organized and we had time for the sessions as well as to stop by some vendors booths. We had a snack meantime. I could not make the Welcoming Networking Reception, but I heard it was nice there.

The Thursday started really early: 7:30 am for exhibitors and 8:30 am for the sessions. But I was really excited: I'd have my first presentation in a JD Edwards event! I talked about VM Templates implementation and my session was at 3:30 pm.

The lunch was served - I got two pastrami sandwiches on french bagette and chips. I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and I decided to eat outside. I sat on a bench in front the main entrance with a beautiful golf course in front of me and the food was good, but had to be fast, because soon starts the another round of sessions and I had to be prepared for my own presentation.

The time has passed and now I got ready for the show! But, unfortunately my session was in the same time as Oracle's main session - Welcome to JDE Labs - What's Development Up to Now? - so I didn't get the public I was expecting.

Gustavo Barizon at INFOCUS'12

So far so good, I had a great experience. It was my first international presentation. For me was a dream come true and I did my best. At least nobody left the presentation before I finish. It was a good signal!

At 5:30 pm the "Taste of Colorado Party with Exhibitors" started on the 1st floor. Again, it was a great chance to meet people and talk with the experts. I just met a guy - who I don't remember the name - which gave me his drinks tickets. I just had one beer - from a local Colorado micro-brewery - Dawn Baker mentioned Colorado has the major per-capta micro-breweries in US on the Welcome keynote!

It's Friday!!
The last conference day. I have to confess I was exhausted. The night before I worked out too hard on the gym, and Friday morning I was in bad conditions! The morning passed, good education sessions a rapid cofee-break and then the Closing Networking Lunch. The food was delicious! The BBQ chicken breasts were juicy and I liked the combination with the potato salad and the shrimp kabob. On the table I met other folks, we chitchat a little bit and I left before the raffle of prizes.

If you're asking if worth the investment to participate in such event, I say YES. Absolutely. The INFOCUS is pure JD Edwards. Is all about JD Edwards and I couldn't find any disadvantage or any other issue. The event staff did their work, I had no trouble with the presentation infrastructure. Internet, sound and projector worked well. I see no other problems at all in other sessions. I strongly recommend the INFOCUS if you're looking for information on upgrade, new processes implementations and to see what's going on in the JD Edwards ecosystem.


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