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Form Extension

That's something HUGE! Imagine you - a Business Analyst - with the ability to add fields on forms without the need of a developer! Just imagine the cost savings on development, when sometimes a small change will consume the Business Analyst, a Developer, a CNC, at least 2 package builds and depending on the company, SOX procedures and a bunch of paperwork. Now, things became more simplified: You need that field that's not in the form, just add it. The coolest part now is: you can use it as a query criteria as well as Watchlists, even on One View Reporting! This is not only a field to show data, it's a "live field" that can interact with the EnterpriseOne components. I can't wait to see this working! I'm preparing my lab upgrade and contact us if you want to see this in first hand!

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Mobile Employee Time Entry

A Mobile Employee Time Entry phone application is now available for employees to easily capture, review, and submit their time whether they are in the office or at the job site. This application can be configured to meet the specific data collection requirements of each role in an organization, providing users a simple user interface limited to the time card information relevant to their role. A graphical representation presents users with a view of the time card status and hours entered for the period.

QuickTips #8 - Webinar recap - Extending Your Business Value on Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.2

Innova9 QuickTips # 8  In our QuickTips series, we'll show a recap on last week's webinar from Oracle about extending the business value with JD Edwards. JD Edwards isn't only a passive player on ERP scenario. It's a platform. A platform that can grow with your business and connect with your devices. A platform that can send you notifications based on exceptions and a mobile platform too. JD Edwards is growing. Growing towards and Automated Platform for your business. It's agile and a beautiful piece of software. I love it. If you didn't watch Bob's webinar, here's what he talked about. I hope you enjoy. Share with your co-workers!

JD Edwards Provisioning Console

Not everything in life is perfect! Failure is part of the process!

One-Click Provisioning Console for Simplified Upgrades

There's a new simplified process using One-Click Provisioning Console. I've been using the Provisioning Console for Docker and I can tell you it simplifies the JD Edwards installation. If the same simplicity comes to the Upgrades, that will be a game changer to keep the system code-current. Keep an eye on this!

QuickTips #7 - Innova9

QuickTips #7 - Yes! Innova9! Innovation on 9's! No matter if you're on 9.1, about to migrate to 9.2, or already on 9.2, the reality is the same: people are BUSY. Busy keeping the project moving, the lights on. You don't have time to implement the new features, or rethink in a smart way how to take advantage on what JD Edwards gives to you. You need help of experienced professionals to leverage results based on innovative strategies and tools. We're here to help. We know this is not about technology. It's about PEOPLE. Contact us and we'll help you to trace a roadmap where you'll have the best results and return of investment on the JD Edward's innovations already available to you. No matter if you have 10 users or 600 users. We have a plan to scale based on your needs!

Collaborate Session #111580 - Accounts Payable in UX One Perspective

Join our session on AP if you want to see where you can go with AP in 9.2. Not only about UX One Landing Pages.  I'll showcase the difference between the traditional model, where you have to dig the system for information, to the modern AP, where the information flows to your hands. You'll see a proactive approach instead of a reactive. AP now is mobile. You'll see how JD Edwards position itself as a mobile platform and try by yourself the mobile apps designed exclusively for AP. See a low-code / no-code approach on personalizing your JD Edwards experience, by using CafeOnes, and Personal Forms. As a bonus, we'll showcase how a Business Analyst can setup an Orchestration for AP interfaces as well as demo a Self Service Portal using Kiosk / Simplified mode. Bring your smart phone! This session will be interactive! Working hard to make the better experience for you and you'll take home lots of ideas to implement immediately! Looking forward to see you there!