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Collaborate Session #111580 - Accounts Payable in UX One Perspective

Join our session on AP if you want to see where you can go with AP in 9.2. Not only about UX One Landing Pages.  I'll showcase the difference between the traditional model, where you have to dig the system for information, to the modern AP, where the information flows to your hands. You'll see a proactive approach instead of a reactive. AP now is mobile. You'll see how JD Edwards position itself as a mobile platform and try by yourself the mobile apps designed exclusively for AP. See a low-code / no-code approach on personalizing your JD Edwards experience, by using CafeOnes, and Personal Forms. As a bonus, we'll showcase how a Business Analyst can setup an Orchestration for AP interfaces as well as demo a Self Service Portal using Kiosk / Simplified mode. Bring your smart phone! This session will be interactive! Working hard to make the better experience for you and you'll take home lots of ideas to implement immediately! Looking forward to see you there!

Task Search

Did you feel lost in the JD Edwards' menus? Yes, indeed. JD Edwards is quite complex software. There's 40+ years of processes improvements, and the software handles a lot of information. Even though you work hard on personalizing your menus, it's quite hard for someone who's just starting in the system to catch things up. A handy new feature on 9.2 is the Task Search. Basically, you type what you want to do in JD Edwards and if there's something related in the menus, you'll have it there! For example, you want to enter vouchers, type "Voucher Entry" on your Fast Path and hit Enter. You'll see all the results for Voucher Entry, and then you chose the right one for you. Simple, but, efficient. If you want to see a quick demo or need more details on how to implement that, contact us!

Long User ID and Password

That's something I'm curious. As far as I remember, I've never been to a customer with this feature enabled. If you're on 9.1.5.x or 9.2, yes, you can enable both Long User ID and Long Password in your system! You don't need to keep the standard 10 characters limit, sometimes crazy user ID anymore. Use your email.  So much talking on security today, it's a big trend. The first step is to make more characters available, for a better password. Contact us if you want to see how an EnterpriseOne behaves with Long User ID and Password. I have an instance on Docker with this feature up and running!
Orchestrator has a super useful scheduler built-in. It enables you to schedule virtually any job / application to run periodically based on your needs. If you're not using Orchestrations because you think it's only for IoT, you need to review these concepts. You can actually create - and schedule - Orchestrations to copy records from JD Edwards tables to an external database, or change a status based on conditions. You name it! This is all about getting your job done.

QuickTips #6 - JD Edwards Mobility

JD Edwards Orchestrator

Use Orchestrator for interfaces! I personally had some hiccups on how to make the outbound calls with Orchestrator, to consume a REST service from another system, so after extensive research and patience, things went OK! Yes, Orchestrator can save your company a lot of money for interfaces in comparison to BSSV. Business Services still has its place, but Orchestrator is a great alternative! Contact us if you want to save money on converting your existent BSSV to Orchestrator interfaces!

JD Edwards Mobile Apps

Are you using JD Edwards Mobile Apps? Start small. Now. Yes, take a simple approach, like Watchlists mobile app, and see how it works.  With little effort - and investment - you can immediately start leveraging the power of mobility and then moving to another scenarios, based on your industry and needs. Contact us for information on how to build a mobile strategy for your JD Edwards 9.1 or 9.2!

JD Edwards Notifications

Is your company using Notifications? We can make your JD Edwards to become your "Central Command" for your business operations! Contact us and we'll show you how!

QuickTips #5 - Docker

On this QuickTips, we want to talk about the next datacenter evolution: Docker Containers. Yes, JD Edwards runs as Docker Containers and that means a lot for its evolution. Containers can give a more dynamic usage to EnterpriseOne, from high-available configurations, to hot-upgrades. Processes that took in the past days or weeks, now with Docker you can do in matter of hours - if not minutes. To start though, we recommend using it as sandbox and disposable environments. You can quickly preserve an instance, so whenever you need to refresh your environment, you can do in minutes and start again. This is very useful for testing and upgrades. Contact us if you want to see a JD Edwards environment running on Docker Containers.

CafeOne is all about being more productive!

CafeOne is a great way to start with User Defined Objects. It will save you many clicks and give you a holistic vision about your business processes. You will be more productive by creating the concepts of "central commands" where you can have all your main applications concentrated in different layouts. Contact us and we'll be more than happy to showcase how to better use it - and also show how it works to use as a Media Objects Viewer! 

JD Edwards Watchlists

You can have Watchlists enabled in your 9.2 as part of UX One Restricted Use License of One View Reporting. This means you don't need to pay for OVR licensing - which Watchlists is based. A full user license is required to create new Watchlists or analytics, but there's plenty useful ones right off the bat for you to use.

JD Edwards Enterprise Search

If you are on 9.2 and still not using Enterprise Search, talk to us and we'll help you to build your strategy on having your own "Google" inside EnterpriseOne!

JD Edwards Personal Forms

Use List View Grid Format TODAY!

QuickTips #04 - List View Grid Format

QuickTips #3 - Personal Forms

You can now change the fields in your application in a super easy way! No need to have developers involved!