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Crisis Time - Financial JD Edwards Solutions

Oracle offers good solutions and modules to support a diverse set of business operations.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Analytics
Today's businesses run on information derived from the constant collection and assimilation of operational and financial data. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Analytics provides a robust framework of tools that including pre-built data marts and dashboards. And with common tools across the entire JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product line, you can create your own data marts and dashboards specific to your business, industry, or geographical analysis and modeling needs.

-Data marts for information and analysis
Plan, model, and consolidate information about your business with 20 data models specifically designed for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers.
-Dashboards for monitoring operations deployed to user desktops
Select the metrics you want to track and display the data in a variety of graphical formats. Dashboards are generated through a star schema data structure that derives information from aggregate tables across your enterprise.
-A complete framework for strategic, tactical, and operational business intelligence
A unified architecture combined with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne's single database structure offers a variety of analytical capabilities to support most business intelligence needs
-Security and support for all users
Analytical solutions for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne support data needs and security requirements for all users—from executives to line-of-business managers and staff.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Expense Management
Automating your expense reporting process promotes efficiency from entry to reimbursement to billing. With Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Expense Management, employees can enter their time and expenses in one location, eliminating short-term disparate systems or spreadsheets that compromise internal control and efficiency.
JD Edwards Expense Management is part of Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management family of applications.

-Automatically enforces expense reporting policy rules.
-Captures daily labor hours.
-Integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management applications to eliminate duplicate keying and the costs associated with it, reduce errors, and provide more timely information for billing and employee reimbursement.

- "Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne helps us reduce delivery times and forecast demand more accurately."

- "Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has enabled us to more efficiently manage our inventory to dramatically reduce costs and improve customer service."

- "With the security and flexibility of the JD Edwards solutions, our managers and analysts share the same information, which lets us react quickly to the challenges that we face in the market."

Applications Unlimited Experts Live! Virtual Tradeshow - March 11

These days Oracle is all making tough decisions about how we can do more with less. Nothing matches Oracle OpenWorld as a place to get the best answers to that eternal question—but where can you go if you need to find out how to leverage your existing IT investments and increase their value with new Oracle innovations right now?

Our Oracle Applications team has the answer: the Applications Unlimited Experts Live! virtual tradeshow. You can learn about product updates, roadmaps, and news. You’ll see how customers gained greater returns on their IT investments. You’ll hear an informative keynote from Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Applications Development, Ed Abbo. It’s free, and you won’t have to move an inch.

Because we’re bringing this show to you, visiting booths and exploring demos for Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s JD Edwards, Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management, and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise products is as easy as clicking your mouse. With access to Oracle experts, your peers, and all our latest materials, you’ll be able to exchange ideas and share information as if you were in the same conference hall.

The Applications Unlimited Experts Live! virtual show is March 11, and registration is open now. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a sneak preview of some of the advances we’ll be bringing you at Oracle OpenWorld. Stop back here after the show and let us know what you thought about the virtual experience.

Oracle Open World 2008 - Web Client Productivity Improvements - Part 5

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Palestras JD Edwards ( Brasil Oracle Open World ) Março / 2009 - Local : Transamérica Expo Center

CidadeTópico Palestrante Dia /
São Paulo
Estratégias de Atualização do JD Edwards para Empresas de Pequeno e Grande Porte
Lyle Ekdahl, OracleQuarta
10:00 - 10:45

São Paulo
Oracle Business Accelerators para JD Edwards Enterprise OneLyle Ekdahl, OracleTerça
14:00 - 14:45

São Paulo
Visão Geral de Estratégia de Investimentos do JD Edwards EnterpriseOne e Versão 9.0.Lyle Ekdahl, OracleQuinta
10:00 - 10:45

JD Edwards BRASIL Open Oracle

JD Edwards

Da mesma forma como tem trabalhado com as linhas de produtos PeopleSoft, a Oracle também segue investindo na evolução e dando suporte aos usuários dos aplicativos JD Edwards. Durante o Oracle OpenWorld, os clientes dessa plataforma poderão conhecer em detalhes a estratégia de investimento e road map para o futuro do JD Edwards World e principalmente para a suite JD Edwards EnterpriseOne em sua próxima versao, a 9.0, diretamente da boca de Lyle Ekdahl, vice-presidente de estratégia do produto JD Edwards EnterpriseOne da Oracle. Também serão analisadas as políticas de integração dessas soluções com outros produtos Oracle e de terceiros.

Oracle Open World 2009

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne The Complete Reference

e-Book - $89.99

Your definitive guide to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Implement and maintain a fully integrated, SOA-based ERP framework across your entire corporation. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: The Complete Reference explains how to install and administer JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, store BI information in data marts and warehouses, manage servers and portals, and develop customized applications and kernel processes. You'll also learn how to create and distribute packages, use the security workbench, optimize performance, and apply the latest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne updates and tools releases.

  • Set up and configure the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications suite
  • Work with Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MSDE, and SSE data sources
  • Define JD Edwards EnterpriseOne path codes, task views, and environments
  • Deploy the object configuration manager and solution explorer
  • Build client and server packages, media objects, and data warehouses
  • Secure JD Edwards EnterpriseOne using LDAP, single sign-on, and third-party tools
  • Administer portals and Web sites using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne's HTML server and server manager
  • Troubleshoot and tune your system using the performance workbench

Covers Release 8.12

Table of contents

Part I: EnterpriseOne Explained--Inside and Out 
Chapter 1. The Future of EnterpriseOne and Fusion 
Chapter 2. EnterpriseOne Building Blocks 
Chapter 3. Solution Explorer 
Chapter 4. EnterpriseOne Servers 
Chapter 5. Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence 
Chapter 6. Interactive and Batch Applications Defined 
Chapter 7. Packages and Their Delivery 
Chapter 8. Foundation Code 
Chapter 9. EnterpriseOne Kernel Architecture 
Part II: System Administration and Troubleshooting 
Chapter 10. EnterpriseOne Specialty Applications 
Chapter 11. EnterpriseOne Security 
Chapter 12. EnterpriseOne Administrative Tasks 
Chapter 13. Printing in EnterpriseOne 
Chapter 14. Web Servers and Portals 
Chapter 15. Upgrade Tools and Rules 
Chapter 16. Optimizing EnterpriseOne for Your Business 
Chapter 17. Troubleshooting EnterpriseOne 
Appendix A: The EnterpriseOne Implementation 
Appendix B: Offshore, New Shore, and Remote Development 

Biographical note

Allen Jacot has more than a decade of J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation experience and has worked with the product since its original beta release in 1996. Joseph E. Miller has worked on more than 60 implementations of the EnterpriseOne/OneWorld product over the last 10 years.Michael Jacot is a senior principal consultant for Oracle J.D. Edwards Consulting Services and has managed many different types of EnterpriseOne implementations. John A. Stern has participated in more than 30 EnterpriseOne implementations.

Open World - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Embedded BI Publisher - Part 5

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oracle Technology Foundation

Oracle Technology Foundation for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides all the software components needed to run JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications. Designed to help reduce integration and support costs, the Oracle Technology Foundation is a complete package of integrated open standards software products that enable you to easily implement and maintain your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications. It includes the industry-leading Oracle Database, components of Oracle Fusion Middleware, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne tools.

Oracle Technology Foundation consists of Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools.

Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition is a full-featured database for businesses that require the performance, availability, and security of the world's #1 database, at a lower cost.
* Oracle Database

Built on open, industry-standard technologies, Oracle Fusion Middleware provides a core Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server environment to deploy, manage, integrate, analyze, and orchestrate JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications. The Oracle Fusion Middleware components included with Oracle Technology Foundation are:
*Oracle Application Server Integration B2B
*Oracle Application Server Java Edition
*Oracle Application Server Portal
*Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On
*Oracle Application Server Web Cache
*Oracle BPEL Process Manager
*Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
*Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer
*Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

Open World - Server Manager for JDE Enterprise One - Part 3

This is for CNC or Sys Admin: Tools 8.97

  • Entry point for all server management operations
  • All current SAW functionality
  • Install and Patch server instances
  • Configuration Management
  • History
  • Comparison
  • Role based security
  • Secure by default
  • Monitor server instance
  • Start / Stop / Restart
  • View Logs

Open World - JDE EnterpriseOne Tools Release 8.97 - Part 2

8.97 Facts
• General Availability: November 11, 2007 (OpenWorld 2007)

• 2 Tools release updates delivered (8.97.1, 8.97.2)

• 14 new platform certifications since GA

• 9 Tools maintenance packs delivered

• 100s customer downloads to date across platforms

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rescue the cat !

JDEFusion didn't endorse Lawson. We just
submitted this video to you know about the
message inside : 'Think simple !' Enjoy !


Trissential Offers Oracle and JD Edwards Solutions for Transportation Management

JDEFusion didn't endorse Trissential. We just
submitted this article
for your analysis.

MINNEAPOLIS.Tue Feb 10, 2009

Trissential, a business improvement and project implementation company, now offers both Oracle and JD Edwards solutions for transportation management. A dedicated group of senior consultants staffs this new specialty area within the firm`s Enterprise Applications practice.

"The recession is causing management to look more closely at containing costs," said Craig Thielen, Enterprise Applications practice director. "This is spurring great interest in the leading transportation software applications such as Oracle transportation Management and JD Edwards Advanced Transportation, which help to raise the efficiencies of the inbound and outbound transportation process. Our new transportation specialty offers some of the upper Midwest`s most experienced people in the application of these world-class products."

Thielen said that many companies start the process with Trissential performing a transportation assessment. Assessments will be completed in a matter of weeks and will provide management with a comprehensive report, including a comparison of operations to best industry practices, opportunities for improvement, and a phased implementation plan showing how the company can achieve its strategic transportation goals. In some cases, these assessments lead to software selections and implementations, while in other instances the studies suggest process improvement and optimization.

Trissential`s Essential Business Model assists companies in creating linkages between strategy and the management and implementation of that strategy. The company`s culture and Essential Business Model helps to attract and retain consultants who have both the experience and passion to improve organizations.

For more information on Trissential`s range of enterprise-wide transportation management solutions, call Craig Thielen at 952-595-7970 or write Visit Trissential on the worldwide

Recession a good time to spend on risk management, Oracle says

Feb 11 2009 2:19 PM

Posted by: Shayna Garlick

Over recent months, U.S. banks and financial institutions have been exhausted of funds, faced with toxic assets and tremendous debt, and blamed for this seemingly insurmountable current economic crisis.

But this may be good news for Oracle.

We’ve already seen how the down economy has opened for doors for Oracle in terms of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and acquisitions, and now it seems like domination of another market — risk management — is in the software giant’s reach.

Following in SAP’s footsteps, Oracle announced Tuesday the release of two new risk management applications, Oracle Reveleus ICAAP Analytics and Oracle Reveleus ICAAP Assessments. According to Oracle’s press release, these tools will “help financial institutions comply with the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) requirements.”

According to S. Ramakrishnan, CEO of Oracle’s Reveleus and Mantas financial software units, the new applications will provide institutions with a “holistic, enterprise-wide view of risk and capital management while simultaneously helping to achieve mandated regulatory compliance.”

Oracle Reveleus ICAAP capabilities include capital planning, risk assessment and monitoring, and pre-configured and integrated economic capital models for credit, market and operational risks.

But do banks really want to spend on new technology when in so much debt?

This may be a special case where the answer is yes, at least according to Oracle executives. In the Insurance Networking News article, Ramakrishnan says that risk management is critical for survival in the market’s current state. Others also point out that banks are facing pressure from outside sources — such as shareholders, investors, boards and examiners — and risk management applications are necessary in providing these sources with the information they demand.

Oracle also has its own reasons for spending in a tough economy. ZDNet blogger Brian Sommer discusses a recent Oracle show he attended where the keynote speaker made a case for IT spending in a recession. However, Somner was wary of some of the speaker’s main points, such as how cutting an IT budget can have a small effect on a company’s total revenue, and investing during a recession can mean having an advantage when the recession is over.

Somner had another idea in mind:

“What I was really hoping for was that Oracle would have announced a different strategy for coping with a (big) recession: lower cost solutions from Oracle.”

JDE news from India

Mumbai: Feb 16, 2009 at 1234 hrs. SYSTIME, a CMS Group Company and the largest Oracle JD Edwards Practices globally, organised an open forum for the Oracle JD Edwards User Community in Hyderabad recently. The primary objective of the session was to introduce the concept of Oracle JD Edwards User Group, one of the first of its kind, to the Community and to solicit feedback on the eventual organisation and charter of the User Group.

Since India is the hub of most of the global service providers in the Oracle JD Edwards arena, it was felt that it is imperative to institute a mechanism to facilitate networking and collaboration amongst the Oracle JD Edwards User Community.

“This forum is a mechanism to bring together all Oracle JD Edwards professionals in India under a common umbrella and to provide a cross-company platform to proactively collaborate, network, share knowledge and best practices and innovate in the Oracle JD Edwards space”, said Ashok Govindarajan, Global Practice Head (Oracle JD Edwards), SYSTIME.

The forum was well attended and generated a tremendous amount of interest in the local Oracle JD Edwards User Community.

Implementing and integrating enterprise systems in an academic environment

Phoenix, AZ - February 17, 2009 —Unicon, Inc., a leading provider of software consulting services for the education market, today announced a partnership with Oracle to provide implementation services for the PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Administration Integration Pack (SAIP). As a third-party provider, Unicon will deliver installation, configuration, and deployment services using SAIP to integrate PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions with standards-based major vendor-supplied and open source learning management systems, as well as offering service interfaces for products that do not conform to standards. SAIP delivers a scalable, Web services-based interface for sharing academic data and will help higher education institutions more efficiently integrate their various enterprise systems, streamline their business processes, and decrease their overall implementation and maintenance costs. Unicon will announce detailed SAIP service options at the Alliance 2009 Higher Education User Group Conference being held March 22-25, 2009 in Anaheim, CA.

"Oracle and Unicon have successfully collaborated on a number of technology initiatives in the past which is why we chose them with confidence as a third-party service provider for SAIP,” said Curtiss Barnes, vice president, Education & Research Product Strategy, Oracle. “Their in-depth knowledge and broad experience with implementing and integrating enterprise systems in an academic environment is well recognized in the industry.”

“Unicon has an excellent reputation for service and extensive list of satisfied customers at leading higher ed institutions,” said Jim McGlothlin, Vice President of Higher Education Applications Strategic Programs at Oracle. “Our PeopleSoft customers implementing SAIP through Unicon can rely on their exceptional skills.”

“Oracle’s SAIP is great for the industry and will benefit educational institutions, commercial vendors, and open source learning management communities by providing an open, standards-based integration platform to PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions,” said John C. Blakley, CEO of Unicon, Inc. "Unicon specializes in implementing and integrating enterprise platforms, and working with Oracle for SAIP integration is a new addition that we're excited and proud to be a part of, as it benefits so many of our customers and the industry at large."

Oracle Open World - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Strategy - Part 1

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Strategy
Complete, Open, Integrated

• Maintain open platform support

• Continue evolution to a standards based platform

• Offer a complete technology solution for your business

• Deep support for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

• Embrace Oracle technology and partner solutions

• Deliver the best ownership experience in the industry

Monday, February 16, 2009

Oracle Customers About To Begin Testing Fusion Apps

Since 2005, Oracle has said it's working on a next-generation set of applications, called Fusion, that pull together the best features of more than 40 software company acquisitions. Yet some customers, analysts, and others have questioned Fusion's fate, since Oracle hasn't provided such details as a product road map and delivery timetable.

In a sit-down interview with InformationWeek last week, Oracle senior VP Thomas Kurian, who heads Fusion development, provided new details that indicate an early version of the suite is near completion, and customers will begin formally testing it this year. In each case, a former PeopleSoft, Siebel Systems or JD Edwards customer is supposed to be able to upgrade to an equivalent Fusion application, with a match in functionality.

At InformationWeek's briefing, Kurian went further and said the way Fusion applications are being designed means that analytical information gathering will be built into application processes, and customers will have the option of implementing more business intelligence in connection with their applications.

In addition, Kurian said, no customers will be pushed or forced to move to Fusion if they don't want to. Development teams for each product line are working on new versions of all major applications, independent of the Fusion team.

About 450 customers are participating in Fusion App development and providing feedback to Oracle, Kurian said, and another 130 are working even more closely with Oracle on Fusion in an early-adopter program. This year, Oracle will launch a "formal beta" of the Fusion application development suite, he added.

While Kurian wouldn't discuss a timeframe for final completion, a 2009 beta likely means it will be at least 2010 or 2011 before Fusion is available to all of its customers.

Kurian said Oracle has stayed consistent with its plan, and built applications -- including financial apps, human resources, supply change management, procurement, and human capital management -- that combine the best functionality from the many applications it now sells, including JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and its own Oracle E-Business Suite.

The software will be offered in a full product suite sometime after the beta program is completed, but also can be adopted as individual apps. Kurian said Oracle hopes customers will adopt the full Fusion suite and gain application integration advantages in doing so, but that decision will be left to customers.

Customers who have software and maintenance contracts for existing Oracle apps can transition to the new applications under those same agreements at no charge. There are various modules in each application family. For example, financials includes accounts receivable, general ledger, and cost management.

On the functionality side, the biggest change is that for the first time, Oracle's entire applications suite will have business intelligence integrated throughout, including technologies from its Hyperion acquisition, Kurian said.

That means, for example, an order-entry function in the Fusion supply chain management application offers the ability for a retail user to analyze which suppliers have products that are frequently returned, Kurian said. He calls it the "unification of transaction processing and analytics." Fusion apps also will share a modernized user interface that provides users with guidance on how to use the analytic features.

There also are technical improvements over existing Oracle applications. Users will be able to customize their Fusion applications, such as defining new attributes not included in the original application model. Metadata on the changes is captured and made available to Fusion middleware, which then recognizes the attributes and makes them work in connection with the rest of the application. When an application upgrade occurs, the customization automatically gets added to the upgrade rather than requiring the user to engineer it into the upgrade all over again, Kurian explained.

Unlike non-Fusion applications, "the design of the app from the ground up is to allow changeability after it ships," Kurian said. Fusion applications allow this changeability because they're being built along a model-view-controller architecture, which separates data from business logic and user presentation. In addition, Oracle is using Service Data Objects, a simplified approach to architecting Java objects for use as services.

"We wanted to make the applications less monolithic. ... So when you get a new version app, you can upgrade to it to preserve the customer's customization," Kurian noted.

The Fusion approach also is designed to lend itself to more flexible business process isolation and modification. Kurian indicated that Toys "R" Us, which uses Oracle technologies and applications from two of its acquisitions, Retek and ProfitLogic, is an early adopter. The majority of the retailer's business happens in the Christmas season, Kurian noted, and during that time it must expedite order fulfillment to all of its suppliers.

But making temporary, seasonal changes on how to process orders in a supply chain system is complicated, since the process is buried inside the app. Fusion applications allow the business process to be redefined with the season, such as raising a $1,000 limit on customer orders during the holidays when orders are routinely much larger.

Kurian said users who stay up to date on Oracle application upgrades will have the easiest transition to Fusion apps, since the Fusion data models will be a superset of the most recent data models in the most current version of its apps. Their business processes will "already be adopted to what you'll be doing in Fusion," he said.

Developer Center

Find developer oriented demos, tutorials and other resources for building rich enterprise applications (REAs) using Oracle tools today.

REAs are multi-channel-capable applications that deliver desktop-quality, highly interactive experiences that are pre-integrated with enterprise class server technology.

Adf. El Framework De Desarrollo De Fusion V7.0

Language : spanish !

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Oracle Open World - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Strategy

I'll start posting a series of slides presented by Mr. Gary Grieshaber Senior Director, Product Strategy Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in Oracle Open World 2008 last September.

Oracle is giving full support to JD Edwards, introducing new features as "introspection" a new tool for analyse and troubleshoot batch jobs and focusing in new technologies as SOA; expanded plataform options, basically to take advantage of virtualization technology; so we have many reasons to celebrate all these initiatives. 

On this time, JD Edwards is growing and being transformed from an ERP system to a powerful Business Intelligence tool. 

They embedded BI Publisher in the new release Tools 8.97, combining existing UBE's with powerful publish & distribute capabilities of BI Publisher. We don't need an third part software to do Business Intelligence.

Follow us during this month because we have many good news to JD Edwards community! You must see how they are planning the new Tools version!! Amazing!

$$$ Do you Like ? $$$

Not just about the money ! I get your attention ahn ? But , the idea , documentation , explanations , all kind of tools that one developer needs ! Great example to be proceeded,
in my opinion besides for Oracle in relation to the Fusion !

This is incredible ! "Application Design Philosophy"


In portuguese :

Tips for you ! Web 2.0 'The viral aspect' , like JDEFusion Vision.

* Please, visit this site and discover the Brazilian style on JDEFusion
If you have any question or curiosity about , please dont hesitate to ask us, ok ?

In your life , be :
* Precision - Find and identify the areas in social media land where the people who engage with you
* Observe and Monitor - Listen to the conversations look for sentiment, authority and reach, and set up tools (there are loads out there) to regularly update you on these conversations.

* Don't Dive In - Before reacting and getting involved in groups, blogs, forums etc. think carefully about your approach. Sometimes it's best to let your advocates do the talking, sometimes it's good for you to take part in a subtle manner. If the tone of the conversation is negative, be polite, be honest and offer support.

* Give - Always offer something of value. This is when getting involved in a reactive manner or proactively creating your own social media content. Value can be classed as good information and insight or even providing "VIP" offers and also needs to be offered for free, no catches!

* Entertain - If you're creating groups, apps or widgets in social media/networks be entertaining and fun. That's what people want and that's what will encourage the viral aspect. Do not compromise your brand personality however.

* Right Time & Place - Be there for your target audience when they want you and where they already spend their time. Consider the mobile platform seriously. Mobile devices have finally reached the point where surfing the web is now akin to the computer.

* Be Social - Don't always be about "YOU". People will quickly become bored if you're always talking about your brand, product or service. Take an interest in the people you want to engage with and offer something they can use in their social is social media after all!

* Think Awareness - and nothing more. If your involvement in social media raises your awareness, in a positive manner then that is great. If it also creates interest and involvement then that's a bonus. Don't expect commitment. Such brand approaches via social media will appear very shallow and you'll damage your reputation.

* Forget ROI - This will be a tough one!! Measuring the return from the investment in social media is probably impossible today. (Coca Cola has recognised this.)

* Do It ! Plan your approach; open your brand up to your your friends , colleagues and customers ; encourage interaction and synchronise your activity with your other marketing initiatives.

These tips all need to be in the balanced to suit your target market and your brand. There is no single best practice approach, that would be like creating a best practice for making friends and influencing people!

We're all individuals and make our own choices of how to act and what to say and will rebel against control. So, get involved and go with the flow.

An example of how powerful it can be, if done well, is the release of Radiohead's last album. They offered a name your own price for downloading it online, from free upwards; they achieved higher revenues for the album this way than through the CD sales from the High Street. Who'd have planned that ROI?!

by Karl Havard

Community and collaboration are wonderful things.

Please , look this : Link / PDF SOCIAL MEDIA PREDICTIONS 2009

Why JDEFusion ? The greatest thing about social networks is how they allow you to reach a lot of people quickly and tap into the power of community.

“Please, look this Link / PDF : The concept of social networking is evolving and morphing. It’s now about making the entire Web social instead of just creating a ghetto of destination sites where people have to go to socialize.”

Forum Resources - Add Images

Did you know that you can add images in any post in our forum???

It's easy and you can take a "print screen" about the question to ilustrate your problem/issue!

You can see an example in:

Look the spreadsheet "print-screen" I took in my reply...

Visit our forum!

Visit our forum and social network!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Steve Jobs - Stanford University

Rodrigo posted this video as link last week, I'm embedding...

It's in english, but with portugese subtitle.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oracle Accelerate and Wells Fargo Electronic Commerce Services

Making Payments Automation Affordable for Organizations of All Sizes

Many organizations are gradually taking advantage of electronic payments processing to reduce their reliance on manual, paper-intensive processing of payables and receivables. But research shows that there are still a surprising number of companies of all sizes that have yet to integrate their financial accounting systems with electronic banking services. Why? Bank-to-ERP integration efforts are often costly, one-off custom projects that can last up to six months, with testing and ongoing support and maintenance requiring the constant attention of already limited IT resources.

The Wells Fargo Adapter - which integrates Wells Fargo's automated treasury management services with either Oracle E-Business Suite or JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial applications - offers a pre-packaged solution that minimizes the time, expense and complexity of developing and maintaining a one-off integration of this type.

Now, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of this affordable, pre-packaged solution and experience the benefits of automating payables, receivables and reconciliation activities, including:
* Reduced per-transaction costs
* Increased productivity
* Improved cash flow management
* Enhanced relationships with customers and trading partners
* Improved regulatory visibility and control

Installation and integration testing for the Wells Fargo Adapter can generally be completed in less than a week. Additionally, the Adapter is fully maintained and supported by Wells Fargo, further minimizing your need for ongoing IT resources.

So whether you're a large enterprise or a midsize business, the Wells Fargo Adapter can enable you to achieve quantifiable benefits to your bottom line.

-- Read this two-page Solution Brief on how to leverage your Oracle E-Business Suite or JD Edwards EnterpriseOne technology investment to quickly and affordably streamline and automate your payment processing.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Worlds

I received in my mail box (my real mailbox! hehehe) this flyer.

It's interesting to see how Oracle is innovating in media! We can see super heroes using our software!! How they are using Business Inteligence, and another systems like Siebel, JDE to take control of the world! Better, Two Worlds!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dicas : Inglês - Português

Bem , não tem como sobreviver no nosso mundo tecnológico sem isso, salvo picaretagens , então surrupiei essas informações e estou colando aqui ! Enjoy it !

Você em contato com o mundo : Yes !!!

O Com o nome de "English Made in Brazil". Sabe aquelas dúvidas cruéis, do tipo "como é que se diz unha encravada em inglês?" Pois é. Na seção de perguntas desse site você esclarecê-las com "experts" em linguística, além de poder ler uma seleção das melhores perguntas feitaspor outros professores. Dê uma olhada também nas outras seções, porque o site é DEZ ! Além calro de toda a proposta social envolvida !
> O é um daqueles sites super completos que a gente entra e passa duas horas navegando sem sentir. São inúmeros planos de aula, dicas, atividades para download e fóruns de discussão, sem a chatice de ter que se inscrever antes e fazer login antes de entrar. Realmente vale a pena conhecer.
> O Compara é uma página do site português Linguateca. É um corpus (banco de dados computadorizado, formado por textos em português e inglês) muito útil para tradutores e professores. No site, pode-se digitar uma palavra na em português, por exemplo, e o programa fornecerá pequenos textos em que aparece a palavra, bem como a tradução desses textos, para que possamos ver como a plavra foi traduzida para o inglês. O sistema funciona ao contrário, também (inglês/português).
> O English Raven olhar o link "Methodology Overview", que é bem completa.
> O Corpus Concordance Sampler é um dos sites que oferece, gratuitamente,acesso a um banco de dados de 56 milhões de palavras em inglês. Digita-sena linha de busca uma palavra em inglês e o programa lista até 40 frases que contenham essa palavra. É ótimo para pesquisar, por exemplo, os diferentes sentidos e usos de uma mesma palavra. O site oferece, também, a pesquisa por sintaxe, onde se pode procurar por combinações de palavras.
> Esta página do site ITESLJ traz inúmeras Conversation questions for the ESL/EFL classroom, sobre os mais diversos assuntos.
A Humanising Language Teaching é uma revista eletrõnica em inglês de acesso gratuito. A edição atual e as anteriores, sempre com conteúdo de excelente qualidade, podem ser acessadas por meio de links. Pode-se também pesquisar os arquivos por autor ou assunto.
O ESL Junction é um site com inúmeros materiais interessantes (e gratuitos)
> O é um dicionário online de slang (gíria) da língua inglesa. Quando os dicionários tradicionais falharem na hora de dar a definição daquela expressão que você ouviu num programa de TV ou leu numa revista, você já sabe onde procurar.
O não é um site voltado exclusivamente ao ensino de inglês como língua estrangeira, mas tem seções bem interessantes, inclusive ESOL (English for speakers of other languages). É possível se cadatrar para receber uma newsletter mensal e a seção "just for fun" traz umas paródias bem legais, como a da música "Yesterday". O material sobre literatura também é bem extenso.
O site Fun & Games for English Practice traz, sobretudo no tópico "English Language Learning ", inúmeros links com sugestões de sites que contém materiais lúdicos para a prática do inglês. Exige algum tempo para entrar nos sites e verificar o que cada um oferece, mas em geral as sugestões são boas.
O site traz uma série de sugestões de jogos online, além de materiais fotocopiáveis, sugestões de atividades, fotos de paisagens e scripts de peças teatrais.
Games & Activities for the ESL/EFL Classroom é uma página do site TheInternet TESL Journal que traz mais de cem sugestões de atividades para o ensino de inglês
O é um trabalho desenvolvido por Robert Morgan, professor há mais de 30 anos em Ohio, nos Estados Unidos. No site, o objetivo de Robert é "ajudar os professores a desenvolverem idéias criativas em sala de aula e a gostarem de sua profissão." É em inglês, mas não especificamente voltado ao ensino de inglês como língua estrangeira. De qualquer maneira, há páginas bastante interessantes, como a de "humorous grammar rules".
O , técnica do story telling.
O site é um ponto de encontro de professores do mundo inteiro> (não apenas de idiomas) que querem trocar idéias. O Key Pals Club, ou seja, um serviço gratuito que ajuda os professores a encontrarem correspondentes eletrônicos para si mesmos ou para seus alunos.
O Crew's Nest Holidays and Celebrations é um site excelente com muitos materiais sobre datas festivas.
Essa página do site Gogo loves English traz mais de 50 sugestões de atividades em diferentes categorias (cinestésicas, auditivas, visuais, etc.) para grupos de crianças e adolescentes. Algumas já são conhecidas, mas vale a pena relembrar.
O site traz muitos materiais interessantes, como artigos, lesson plans e quizzes para para os professores de inglês. O site One Stop English, patrocinado pela editora Macmillan, traz inúmeros recursos, entre eles materiais fotocopiáveis, artigos e jogos, para professores de inglês. Não deixe de conferir também a seção de idéias compartilhadas por profesores de todo o mundo na seção Lesson Share. Se você quiser contribuir com alguma sugestão de plano de aula, estará concorrendo a prêmios em livros.
O site Pizzaz tem como objetivo, segundo a autora, sugerir atividades de redação criativa para alunos de todas as idades. As atividades são descritas em detalhes, sendo que algumas são também acompanhadas por material fotocopiável. As seções do site são: poesia, ficção, "bag of tricks" e links para outros sites. Um trabalho bastante interessante desenvolvido pela professora Leslie Opp-Beckman .
> Um dos sites mais conhecidos e mais completos, organizado pelo professor David Sperling, autor de vários livros sobre o uso da Internet em sala de aula. Vale a pena dar uma olhada, em especial nasseções Idea Cookbook, Discussion Forums, Phrasal Verbs, Quizzes e Quotes.
O Teacher's tips é um pequeno site dentro do site Onestop English, recheado de boas idéias compartilhadas por Jim Scrivener, teacher trainer e autor do livro Learning Teaching. Novas sugestões de atividades são adicionadas todos os meses.
O Site, que congrega mais de 600 links para temas relacionados ao classroom management. Todos em inglês, mas úteis para professores de qualquer língua que consigam ler o seu conteúdo.
O Tower of English é um site atraente, até pela sua apresentação: em vez do famoso "Site map", ele tem um elevador que leva o visitante aos diferentes "andares" da torre, cada um com várias opções de atividades. Ãs vezes se leva um tempinho para encontrar exatamente o que se quer, mas o material é bem legal. Para algumas seções, é preciso estar inscrito e ter senha para entrar. Mas o processo de inscrição até que não é dos mais burocráticos.
> tem tantos atrativos que é preciso meses para visitar todas as suas seções.
O site é mais uma ótima contribuição do também ótimo Dave Sperling para os professores de inglês. Além de jogos, traz letras de música, sugestões de atividades para trabalhar com elas, previsão do tempo, dicionários on-line, e até uma lista telefônica de diferentes países. Faça uma visita e descubra outras utilidades deste "site Bombril".
Quem trabalha com versão ou tradução de textos português-inglês com certeza vai gostar de visitar o site, da tradutora, ex-professora, escritora e palestrante Isa Mara Lando. Além de apresentar o seu dicionário, uma ferramenta valiosa para tradutores e professores de inglês, na seção "amostra" ela dá várias dicas sobre palavrinhas particularmente
problemáticas. Provavelmente ninguém sairá da página sem aprender alguma coisa.
Vários sites, geralmente de dicionários, oferecem o serviço de mandar umapalavra em inglês por dia via e-mail. Um deles é o dicionário virtual Uma boa maneira de ampliar o vocabulário.
O site Etymonline é um site de etimologia de palavras em língua inglesa. O índice alfabético torna a busca muito fácil.
O Multiple Intelligences Inventory é uma página que traz um teste simplificado para determinar que tipos de inteligências se destacam num indivíduo. Na verdade, o autor, Walter McKenzie, esclarece que não é um teste, mas "uma fotografia que mostra, no momento atual, as preferências percebidas pelo indivíduo em relação às múltiplas inteligências".
O é um site organizado pela agência de notícias Reuters. "Lesson Plans" completos e gratuitos, semanalmente, baseados em notícias interessantes que foram veiculadas em jornais.

O oferece gratuitamente planos de aula baseados principalmente em notícias e acontecimentos recentes. As atividades foram elaboradas e testadas para alunos a partir do nível upper intermediate. Há material adicional em cada lição para a prática de outras habilidades além da leitura.
O se propõe a oferecer materiais variados para aquelas pessoas que querem praticar o seu inglês em casa. São diversas seções (gramar, tenses and verbs, idioms, vocabulary, games, speaking, real life games and test yourself), e todo o material é livre, ou seja, não é preciso se cadastrar ou pagar qualquer taxa. Olhar o joguinho "meet the boss" na seção games.
O traz "mock tests", ou testes simulados, para os principais exames de proficiência em inglês. É pssível fazer um teste de nivelamento para saber qual o exame mais adequado ao nível atual de proficiência de cada um. É grátis.
O site foi recomendado pelo professor Luiz Reikdal. É um Picture Dictionary organizado por categorias. Quando se clica em cada gravura, um arquivo de voz reproduz a pronúncia da palavra. Um otimo recurso para se recomendar a alunos, sobretudo os iniciantes.
> O site da revista Topics Online é um ponto de encontro para alunos de inglês de diferentes culturas. Em inglês acessível (mas correto), eles poderão ler textos sobre aspectos culturais (comida, música, dança, festividades, provérbios, jogos) de diferentes povos, além de contribuir com informações sobre o Brasil.
> O English Learner é um site excelente para sugerir aos alunos que gostam ou precisam praticar o inglês em casa. Depois de carregados, os exercícios e testes podem ser feitos off-line, porque as respostas e dicas para resolução dos problemas estarão disponíveis sem a necessidade de nova conexão.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Steve Jobs - Stanford

Think about that....

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Part 02/02

Oracle and mValent

On February 4, 2009, Oracle announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire mValent, a leading provider of application configuration management solutions. This acquisition of mValent is expected to extend Oracle Enterprise Manager with rich application configuration management capabilities, and enable Oracle to provide comprehensive application management solutions. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the first half of 2009. Until the transaction closes, each company will continue to operate independently, and it will be business as usual.

Effective application configuration management is becoming increasingly important as businesses look to improve operating efficiencies. Enterprise application infrastructure is a complex and constantly changing environment, making it difficult to manage. In addition, there is a lack of holistic understanding of configuration settings and their implications on application functionality and performance, which is further exacerbated by manual and repetitive tasks often using spreadsheets to manage. As a result, configuration-caused outages, delays and quality problems are a common occurrence.

With the acquisition of mValent, Oracle is expected to enable customers with the ability to collect, compare and reconcile deep configuration information of complex systems. The mValent solution ensures consistent configuration across IT environments and also provides agile support for ongoing environment and technology changes.

The combination of mValent and Oracle Enterprise Manager is expected to provide customers with a more comprehensive top-down application management solution, delivering greater value to the business. Oracle Enterprise Manager combined with mValent provides enhanced management across the application life cycle. Customers are expected to benefit from increased operational productivity through automation, enhanced audit and governance and improved application uptime.

After the close of the transaction, we expect that Oracle partners will benefit from working with a single vendor to address customer needs for comprehensive application management solutions. Technology partners are expected to gain broader opportunities for development integrations. Value-added resellers and System Integrators are expected to gain expanded opportunities to provide solutions. All partners will gain access to Oracle’s worldwide resources and partner ecosystem.

We look forward to providing our customers a comprehensive application configuration solution. To learn more about the proposed acquisition of Oracle and mValent, please visit