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Happy Holidays!

Oracle User Productivity Kit ( UPK )

Oracle User Productivity Kit is a collaborative content development platform that allows enterprises to drive user productivity and mitigate risk throughout all phases of the software ownership lifecycle. As a result, companies can maximize the return on investment (ROI) of their enterprise application deployments.

ORACLE – SPED NFe para JDEdwards

ORACLE – SPED NFe para JDEdwards Auditorio Oracle / SP – 13/08/2008 das 8:30 as 12:00 Apresentação de Andre-Faria – Gerente de Canais e Alianças – Oracle, onde acolocou os objetivos da reunião: Apresentar as estratégias da Oracle par SPED e Nfe para a plataforma. Estavam presentes na reunião: Diane/Salvador e Guido, principais responsáveis pela localização do produto e Odair,Gerente de vendas da Oracle e alguns parceiros de Solução: o Mastersaf: José Lima o Synchro: Martinez o Alliance: Dulce o Lynas Logic - Angelo o Lumen IT - Werner · Diane, juntamente com a sua equipe apresentou um overview da solução, bem como algumas planilhas que foram mapeadas pela Oracle e irá facilitar para a base na identificação das informações para o Sped/NFe · As seguintes datas de entrega/estratégias foram apontadas pela Oracle o SPED Fiscal = Q4 2008. § Foi sugerido aos clientes modificarem as UBEs de 0 a 8 a UBE 9 é o formatado

Visit our forum!

Visit our forum! If you have any question about JDEdwards, join in our forum and just ask! I received a solution about an important issue about security to PD packages!! You can see the discussion at: Come on! Join us!! Became our member!

JDE 9.0 tips - Save specs

Hello! Sorry by the long time without posting. This year's end has been a little busy over here! Now, I want show a new JDE 9.0 feature: Specs Saving in OMW. You can save and restore your spec to different machines just using OMW without packaging. You save a file and can copy to any media you want and restore it in another machine. Below a little tutorial explaining this feature: Saving/Restore Tutorial 1. Choose your report or application, select and click the button SAVE 2. A confirmation screen will be shown to select the type of save to perform. To save a ZIP file, press button "YES " . If you press "NO", the traditional save/restore location will be used.   3. After pressing "YES" button, select the folder you want to save your report/application 4. Your spec will be saved to the desired location you chosen. Now, let's restore the report: Click the RESTORE button 5. Click "YES" to the Overwrite local Specs message box 6. Press &q