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NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. - July 21, 2008 - — Today, SAP (NYSE: SAP) announced that it has chosen to wind down operations of TomorrowNow, a subsidiary it purchased in February 2005 that has provided third-party support for Oracle and other applications. SAP is working directly with TomorrowNow’s more than 225 current customers to help them return to support from Oracle for those customers on PeopleSoft, JDEdwards or Siebel applications or to smoothly transition to new support options. “Our goal is to assist our customers in transitioning to a new support provider, including Oracle, without a disruption to their support during the wind-down process,” said Mark White, executive chairman, TomorrowNow. SAP intends to conclude the wind-down process prior to October 31, 2008. For more information, please visit . Any statements contained in this document that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform

Downloads - ExamDiff - tool for visual file comparison

ExamDiff is a freeware Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista tool for visual file comparison. It has a number of simple and convenient features that many users have been asking for a long time from a file comparison tool. Key Features Automatically detects file changes; One push re-compare function; Drag and drop support.; Easy editing of the first and second files, by spawning an external editor of choice; Saves the file differences in a standard UNIX DIFF file; Easy navigation through the differences; Adjustable pane splitter with smooth synchronized scrolling; <- Click For Download

Some IT Staffers Sneak a Peak

In a survey of 300 Senior IT professionals conducted at Infosecurity Expo 2008, one third of respondents admitted to using their privileged rights to access confidential or sensitive information, and 47 percent said that they had accessed information that was not relevant to their job role. 30 percent said that the privileged passwords in their organizations get changed every quarter, while 9 percent said that privileged passwords never get changed. Source: Cyber-Ark

Oracle Middleware Strategy Update: Thomas Kurian - Part II

Part 2 of a 2 Part Series: What does Oracle's acquisition of BEA Systems mean for Oracle's middleware strategy? Thomas Kurian, Senior Vice President, Development, talks with Oracle Magazine's Caroline Kvitka about the important updates to Oracle's middleware strategy and products, how customers and partners will benefit, and the most exciting aspects of the acquisition.

Oracle Middleware Strategy Update: Thomas Kurian - Part I

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series: What does Oracle's acquisition of BEA Systems mean for Oracle's middleware strategy? Thomas Kurian, Senior Vice President, Development, talks with Oracle Magazine's Caroline Kvitka about the important updates to Oracle's middleware strategy and products, how customers and partners will benefit, and the most exciting aspects of the acquisition.

Building Service-Oriented Security

Amit Jasuja, Oracles vice president of development for identity management products, talks to Kay Keppler, Oracle Magazine features editor, about the concept of service-oriented security. Find out what it is, the development processes involved, and how your company can get there. Enjoy!

What Makes for Good IT Governance

Peter Weill, director of the Center for Information Systems Research at MIT's Sloan School of Management and co-author of IT Governance, discusses lessons he learned while researching his book.

Visitor / Visitante

This space is special for users JDE in general (Final User , Developers , Consultants , CNCs... ) where you can write your opinions /suggestions / critics / to point specific needs or just say Hello ( If possible give us your name / contact / where are you from and Company )

Customer / Cliente

This space is special for customers JDE (HNI, Honda, Kraft,Electrolux, Pfizer, Schain, Net... ) where you can write your opinions /suggestions / critics / to point specific needs or just say Hello ( If possible give us your name / contact / where are you from and Company )

Guide to J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne

A comprehensive guide to J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne Written by practicing J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne experts and professionals ISBN-13: 9780071598736 Pub. Date: December 2008 Source / Fonte

Book / Livro ( Oracle JDE )

Oracle JDE / Enterpriseone Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations : Enterpriseone Certification Review by Terry Sanchez-Clark, Paperback ISBN-13: 9781933804385 Sales Rank: 384,711 Pub. Date: April 2007

Downloads - Copy Ner Xe

Copy NER Resolva o problema do botão Copy do OMW Uma das poucas limitações do OMW é a cópia de objetos do Tipo "BSFN" Business Function. Quando se trata de Funções desenvolvidas em "C++" esta limitação não é problema, pois como os programas estão em arquivos do tipo Texto, é muito simples criar a "Capa da Função" e depois colar o código. O problema é quando o objeto é do tipo "NER" Named Event Rule, a única maneira é escrever tudo de novo ! <- Click for Download

Downloads - OWDLC

OWDLC Summary: It works under Windows® NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista (Note: there is no W95/98/ME support). This utility lets you toggle J.D. Edwards® OneWorld/EnterpriseOne® Debug Logging On and Off on the fly. <- Click for Download

How to identify UBE versions with override

Very useful information. In the company I'm working right now we need to identify all the UBE versions with override in layout and event rules (unfortunately there are a lot!) aiming a future upgrade. The question is: How to do that without entering version by version and verifying the sections flags? Here is the solution: "There is not a standard report or simple inquiry that can be performed to see all versions with overrides. The easiest way to determine this information would be to look at the F98761 table in the central objects data source and find all records with a specific version name that have record types other then just 1. This would indicate some type of override was performed on the object. Depending on the value in the record type field (RSRCRDTP) you can determine what type of override exists for the version. You can also use the Universal Table Browser (UTB) and add the setting of TAMMENUS=Show in the [INTERACTIVE RUNTIME] section of the jde.ini to be

JDE EnterpriseOne 9.0 and Oracle’s JDE EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98

Oracle Unveils Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98 Latest Releases Incorporate Customer-Driven Enhancements; New Project and Government Contract Accounting Module Supports Complex Project Management Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, CA – September 23, 2008 News Facts Oracle today announced Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0, the latest release of one of the company’s leading ERP platforms, and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 includes a new Project and Government Contract Accounting module that helps meet the diverse and complex project management requirements of industries such as engineering and construction and professional project-oriented services. The new module also helps project-oriented firms meet U.S. government standards and requirements, such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the U.S. Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and agency specific rules from other governmental bodi

Localization Updates

Oracle provides tax and regulatory localization updates for supported JD Edwards EnterpriseOne releases. They are delivered as electronic software updates (ESUs). The EnterpriseOne localizations listed below were recently released. However, many other localizations are already available, and additional localizations are planned to be released in the future. Brazil – ISS Withholding  ISS is a municipal tax whereby each city can establish its own withholding percentage by service type.  This localization allows companies to set up withholding percentage by city and service type and to set up the fiscal classification code for each service type for fiscal reporting. The following SAR numbers may be used to download the ESUs from the Update Center: EnterpriseOne Xe – SAR 8719079       Brazil – Telephone NF Number  According to the Brazilian law the Nota Fiscal must include a serial number + legal number for telephone transactions.  This localization allows users to enter the legal numbe

Controle de Transação para BSFN

Controle de Transação para Business Function Auto - Commit ================================= JDBReturn = JDB_InitBhvr ( lpBhvrCom, &hUser, (char*) Null, JDEDB_COMMIT_AUTO); JDBReturn = JDB_OpenTable( hUser, NID_Fxxxxx , ID_Fxxxxx _yyyyy , NULL , (ushort) 0, (char * ) NULL , &hRequestFxxxxx ); JDBReturn = JDB_UpdateTable( hRequestFxxxxx, NID_Fxxxxx , (ID) NULL , ID_Fxxxxx_yyyyy , (void*) &dsFxxxxxKey , nNumKeys, (void*) &dsColFxxxxx); JDBreturn = JDB_CloseTable (hRequestFxxxxx); JDBreturn = JDB_FreeBhvr (hRequestFxxxxx); Manual - Commit ================================= JDBReturn = JDB_InitBhvr ( lpBhvrCom, &hUser, (char*) Null, JDEDB_COMMIT_MANUAL); JDBReturn = JDB_OpenTable( hUser, NID_Fxxxxx , ID_Fxxxxx _yyyyy , NULL , (ushort) 0, (char * ) NULL , &hRequestFxxxxx ); JDBReturn = JDB_UpdateTable( hRequestFxxxxx, NID_Fxxxxx , (ID) NULL , ID_Fxxxxx_yyyyy , (void*) &dsFxxxxxKey , nNumKeys, (void*) &dsColFxxxxx); if (JDBReturn == PASSED) { JD

Envio de e-mail com anexo .PDF

A maioria dos usuarios nao tem acesso ou nao sabem utilizar o Submitted Jobs para buscar o resultado de algum relatorio. Para otimizar a consulta do usuario aos resultados dos relatorios e auxilia-los para encaminhar essa informacao aos seus superiores, o JDE possibilita que os arquivos (.PDF ou .CSV) sejam anexados e enviados por e-mail. Segue abaixo um passo a passo desde configuracao do JDE.INI ate o envio de e-mail com o anexo. Passo 01 – JDE.INI A configuracao do JDE.INI é a maior responsavel pelo envio de e-mail enviados pelo JDE. § JDE.INI – Fat Client and Server – Valores Default [JDEMAIL] mailProfile="Default Exchange Profile" Rule5=130OPTMERGELOCAL=1 Rule6=140OPTUPDATELOCAL=0 § Substitua a linha grifada com o endereco de SMTP que é utilizado na empresa: [JDEMAIL] Rule1=90

New Support Portal

Click here for Customer Connection transition information Coming Soon... New Support Portal to Deliver Simplified Support and Streamlined Service Coming Soon... New Support Portal to Deliver Simplified Support and Streamlined Service Oracle is pleased to announce that, as a current user of Customer Connection, you will soon experience the benefits of managing all of your support tasks from a new online portal. In the coming weeks, My Oracle Support will replace your current support portal, Customer Connection, providing you with a simplified support experience with a higher level of efficiency. My Oracle Support is an important part of streamlining your customer support experience and is a milestone of Oracle's transition to Siebel CRM 8.0, the industry's leading Customer Support Management (CRM) system. Together, My Oracle Support and Siebel CRM 8.0, enable you to experience a number of benefits, including: Faster problem

Utilizando corretamente o Set User Selection

Após observar em algumas empresas, programas com utilização incorreta do Set User Selection, resolvi redigir este documento. O erro mais grave está na utilização do operador lógico OR no meio da seleção de dados. A utilização errônea do OR pode causar impactos graves; e o pior, os problemas podem ficar camuflados até que uma situação específica ocorra, principalmente se a seleção de dados for complexa. O programa torna-se assim, uma bomba relógio. Os erros na utilização do Set User Selection ocorrem pela compreensão incorreta do comando. Eu mesmo cometi alguns erros até me deparar com manuais de treinamento da JDEdwards. Creio que a própria estrutura do comando pode induzir ao erro. Às vezes tenho que reler os comandos para me certificar que estão corretos. Uma boa dica é comparar com a seleção de dados visual. Compreendendo os operadores lógicos no Set User Selection Os erros de utilização do Set User Selection ocorrem no uso dos operadores lógicos ( NONE / AND / OR ). Pelo fato

Política de treinamento aqui nos EUA

Aqui nos EUA, a maioria das companhias, (incluindo consultorias) possuem políticas de treinamento. Todo funcionário tem que ter pelomenos 40 horas por ano de treinamento. Todos sabemos o quanto treinamento é importante, mas a realidade não é bem por aí. Só parar para se perguntar: Quantos de nós possuem alguma certificação? Claro, que a prática e a vivência do dia-a-dia não vai nem de perto substituir qualquer certificação, mas o valor agregado que uma certificação causa, é um diferencial que não tem preço. Falando em preço, todos sabemos que uma certificação custa muito caro. Isso é realidade em qualquer lugar do mundo. Mas o que quero expor aqui, é que independente do valor, a postura que as companhias norte-americanas adotam faz toda uma diferença. Você sairia de uma consultoria para outra, sendo que a que você está ou te paga por completo ou te ajuda a pagar por treinamento? Ao invés disso cair como um CUSTO para a consultoria, isso acaba se revertendo em FIDELIDADE do consult

Dica de If para verificar variável com valor

Normalmente quando desejamos verificar se determinada variável tem algum valor, usamos um If da seguinte forma: If FC VAR ALFA is not equal to BLANK And FC VAR ALFA is not equal to NULL // // End If Quando a variável é numérica o If fica ainda maior: If FC VAR NUM is not equal to BLANK And FC VAR NUM is not equal to NULL And FC VAR NUM is not equal ZERO to // // End If Esses Ifs podem ser substituídos por um bem mais simples: If FC VAR ALFA is greater than BLANK Pode também ser utilizado para campo numérico... façam os testes ! If FC VAR NUM is greater than BLANK Se quisermos verificar se a variável está em branco, é só mudar o comparador lógico. If FC VAR ALFA is less than or equal to BLANK Pode também ser usado para variável numérica, que tem valor inicial = 0 (zero) If FC VAR NUM is less than or equal to BLANK Bom trabalho !!! Eduardo Camargo dos Santos

Oracle University

Oracle University Live virtual Class Oracle University's Online live virtual class Para quem não conhecia, substitui as aulas presenciais por cursos online. Deixo a pergunta: Alguma consultoria já investiu em treinamento para o seu funcionário? Você investiria em um curso da Oracle Univeristy?

Fusion Middleware Radio

Uma maneira interessante de saber o que rola de novidade no mundo do Fusion Middleware. Tendências, SOA, SOAP, BEA. An interesting way to know more about Fusion Middleware. SOA, SOAP, BEA. Get this widget! Visit the Widget Gallery

JDEdwards History - Funding Universe

Company History: J.D. Edwards & Company is a leading global designer of software for midrange computers. Its software is used by those involved with distribution, manufacturing, finances, human resources management, construction, public services, and other industries. In 1995 J.D. Edwards was supporting branch offices in Europe and Asia and shipping its software throughout the world. The company achieved consistent growth by researching and developing top-performing software applications. The name J.D. Edwards was derived from the names of the company's three founders: Jack Thompson, Dan Gregory, and Ed McVaney. Before forming J.D. Edwards on February 1, 1977, in Denver, Colorado, all three men were working at the accounting and consulting firm of Alexander Grant and Company (Grant Thornton & Co.). The three had been working as consultants and accountants for several years before deciding to quit and form their own company. Together they shared a wealth of top-level account

JDEdwards History

J.D. Edwards was founded in 1977 by three employees at a Denver, Colorado accounting firm: Jack Thompson, Dan Gregory, and Ed McVaney. There was no J.D. Edwards—that was an amalgam of its founders' first names. The new company was set up to design business software for small and mediumsized computers. In the early 1980s it began specializing in software for IBM computers—first the IBM System/38, and in 1988 for the AS/400. WorldSoftware, a package of business applications introduced by J.D. Edwards in 1983, was the firm's leading product by the end of the 1980s. By 1992, the company was not only the world's largest producer of IBM midrange software, it was the 30th largest software company overall in the United States, averaging 15 percet annual growth for fifteen years running. By the early 1990s, 32 percent of J.D. Edwards' sales were overseas. More important, to achieve that astounding pattern of growth, it never needed to go public. Edwards maintained its success t

Viewpoint Let information about JDEdwards world latest news, aiming customers, consulting,CNC's and developers. Mission Be reference to the JDEdwards community in Brazil and World. JDE Lifestyle Who lives this world knows about business functions, edit line's, UBE's, UTB, OMW... JDE in USA How the market is doing in USA and behavior. JDE in Brazil Brazilian consultant firms, customers, installed base. Tallents Your exclusive place to show your tallent. Technical Articles Developer's and consultant's tech articles. Opportunities The bests opportunities to work with JDE in Brazil and USA. Tales The most exciting tales about projects all around the world. New Technologies What's new in JDEdwards world. SOA, SOAP, BPEL, Fusion Middleware. Project Management Discussion about the best methodologies to be used in JDEdwards projects.

JDE Fusion...

Visão Prover informações sobre novidades do mundo do JDE, visando clientes, consultorias, consutores, CNC's e desenvolvedores.  Missão Se tornar referência para a comunidade JDE no Brasil e no mundo. JDE Lifestyle Só quem vive esse mundo sabe muito bem sobre business functions, edit line's, UBE, UTB, OMW... JDE nos EUA Como anda o mercado de JDE aqui nos EUA e comportamento. JDE no Brasil Lista das consultorias, clientes, base instalada. Banco de Curriculum Você que é profissional JDE, precisa de um lugar exclusivo para expor o seu talento. Artigos técnicos Artigos dos consultores e desenvolvedores. Oportunidades As melhores oportunidades no Brasil e EUA para trabalho voltado exclusivamente para o mundo JDE. Causos e contos As situações mais inusitadas que já ocorreram nos projetos por aí afora. Novas Tecnologias O que está bombando no mundo do JDE. SOA, SOAP, BPEL, Fusion Middleware. Project Management Qual a metodologia que mais se adequa com o JDE. Sucessos e falh