Monday, April 30, 2012

Oracle Unveils Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1

New User Experience, Enhanced Reporting and Industry-Specific Functionality Help Improve Productivity and Usability in Significant New Release

COLLABORATE 12 – Las Vegas, NV– April 23, 2012

News Facts
  • To help support the changing needs of organizations across industries and geographies, Oracle today announced a new release of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
  • Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 helps customers further streamline business processes by introducing a personalized user experience, new industry-specific functionality, helpful productivity features and more support for global operations and compliance mandates.
  • Extensive updates in the new release include enhancements such as Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting, a breakthrough solution that allows business users to create interactive reports without IT support.
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an integrated applications suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that combines business value, standards-based technology, and deep industry functionality into a business solution with a low total cost of ownership.

Significant Updates to Usability and Business Processes Increase Productivity, ROI
  • To bolster productivity and business value, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 includes user experience enhancements that build upon the extensive features recently introduced with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools release 9.1 such as new productivity updates, deeper industry capabilities and enhanced support for global operations and legislative compliance.

User interface updates include:
  • Predictive auto suggest search and query refinement capabilities which increases productivity by providing a modern, intuitive user experience.
  • Rich hover functionality that delivers a dynamic and streamlined experience by allowing users to hover over enabled data to view related information without navigating away from the current page.
  • Application personalization which enables employees, customers and suppliers to interact with the applications based upon their own preferences.
  • Mobile smartphone applications that extend user choice and help improve productivity by allowing users to perform their jobs anywhere, anytime.

End user productivity enhancements include:
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting which spans the JD Edwards ERP footprint enabling end users to quickly gain business insight while delivering 178 pre-defined reports providing answers to some of the most commonly asked business questions across the enterprise.
  • Voucher matching capabilities that can improve productivity and efficiency by automatically matching supplier invoices with purchase order receipts through rules-driven automation.
  • Requisition self service capabilities that increase flexibility by allowing managers or end users to delegate the entry and receipt of requisitions to other employees.

New functionality to meet industry and global business requirements include:
  • A project manufacturing enhancement that provides visibility and demand tracking throughout the manufacturing process allowing users to review all related supply orders impacting an end customer order to help ensure the project stays on track.
  • Electronic batch record and device history record enhancement which provides life science customers with support for FDA validated manufacturing processes by providing an audit trail over incident capture and resolution.
  • New industry-specific business processes and capabilities for organizations in the food and beverage, agribusiness, real estate and professional services industries that support compliance requirements and enhance business productivity.
  • Support for Global Locator Number (GLN) which helps organizations in consumer goods and other industries facilitate legislative compliance to seamlessly manage regulations.
  • Country of origin tracking at the individual lot and serial number level that enables streamlined reporting by supporting import and export documentation requirements.

Available as part of standard maintenance, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 supports upgrades from Xe and higher releases of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and migrations from Oracle’s JD Edwards World A7.3 and higher.

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

First of all: Thanks Tony Brackett from the iConsortium for the oportunity and to sponsor the JDEFusion at Collaborate 12. This shows his vision and beliefs on the real Social Networking movement and Web 2.0. We're just a simple blog but I hope we're making the difference for the JD Edwards community at all.

This was my first Collaborate. I have had a chance to go at Collaborate Midwest but I'm really impressed with the structure and the organization I saw at this main event. It worth the investment and even they don't support any blogging initiative like Oracle does at Open World, I do recommend the Collaborate experience. Specially next year: the Collaborate will be in Denver, Colorado, the JD Edwards worldwide headquarters.  So, take note: in case you couldn't make the Collaborate this year, don't even think to miss next year, because I believe Oracle and the JD Edwards team will make it special!

I'm working on a report detailing my experience focused on who was not able to be there so that you can decide to go next year and make the commitment and the investment on such event. It's a really good way to grow your network, meet personally the JD Edwards gurus and experts and enhance your knowledge. The report has no cost for you and I hope to finish it by the middle next week. Stay tuned!

My view of Las Vegas after a Collaborate' 12 day

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Another presentation for today: Related Information Framework in JD
Edwards by Michael Ferguson

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

First session of the last Collaborate day with Jon Steel talking about
Load Balancing in JD Edwards

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Brazilian friends making presence at Collaborate'12

Francisco Fujimoto - Syncro

Luiz Pezotti and Mauricio Toffoli - YKP

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Last slide for the day!

Good job Marcelo!

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

My friend Marcelo Tamassia from CD Group on his presentation:

JD Edwards E1 Stability - From Chaos to Nirvana

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

ADF Mobile development for JD Edwards

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

View from the conference main hall and cyber center

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Afternoon session...

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Good morning!!

Second session of the day! The first one was about the new 9.1 and
I'll cover it on my Collaborate 12 Report!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Las session of the day...

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Praxair is using Exadata systems

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Sparc solution in one box

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

High performance systems for JD Edwards

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

If you are reading this and you are here at Collaborate, come and stop
by the kiosk #643 and talk with me! It will be a pleasure to meet you
- Gustavo Barizon

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

JD Edwards on iPad??
Only at iConsortium kiosk #643!!

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Ned Brady on the iConsortium kiosk!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

My last presentation of the day...

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

BI Publisher session

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Technology and innovation in JD Edwards

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Upgrade to 9.1

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

JD Edwards Roadmap

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

JD Edwards 9.1 announcement...

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Expense Report demo on iPad

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Live demo with an iPad for Work Order

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

Lyle Ekdahl on stage

JD Edwards Roadmap - Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

I'm here on the main ballroom for the JD Edwards roadmap...

It's all about Vision, Promises and Execution...

Also, I can see a duck on stage and it's about a promise he did on the JD Edwards Blog 

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

JD Edwards Virtual Machine Templates Installation tutorial - Part 1 - Hardware

Before you begin to think about JDE VM Templates, you must think about HARDWARE.

Hardware means not only the workstation, but the infrastructure you must have to support the JDE VM Templates workload.

Going straight to the point, below my recommendations for your infrastructure:


  • For networking, I strongly recommend Gigabit Ethernet instead of the traditional 10/100 Ethernet. Transfer a 80GB template will take forever on 10/100!
  • Avoid Wireless connections for servers.
  • Use Routers and Switches Gigabit compatible - 10/100/1000
  • Use Ethernet cables Cat 5e
  • 2 NICs on the VM Server / Storage box. The VM Server need at least two network cards to work. One is for Server Heartbeat and control, other for VM's communication. 


  • 500 GB for VM Server + Storage Server + HTTP Server machine
  • 1 TB for Virtual Box machine - VM Server Manager, Deployment Server, Development Workstation. I'm assuming this second machine is your personal desktop computer in which you'll virtualize using Oracle Virtual Box to get all those machines in only one piece of hardware.
  • I do recommend SATA internal storage. I'm using a RAID array 0+1 which give me more performance in I/O, specially for database connections, but you can use your internal hard drive with no problems.
  • 16 GB RAM on each machine. 
  • As we're virtualizing the environments, you must have a "virtualization" compatible processor. I'm using an Intel i7 2600 in my Virtual Box machine and two Intel Xeon 5600 Series on my HP Proliant DL360 G5, as my VM Server and Storage box. 

So, basically you'll run the JDE VM Templates at your home office using two computers connected by a Gigabit Ethernet network infrastructure.

Below a diagram of the infrastructure I'm using on JDEFusion labs

JDEFusion labs diagram for JDE VM Templates

My setup is using an internet proxy / firewall system BEFORE go to the router. It's another machine, but it's an old laptop with 2GB Ram and 120 GB hard disk. I'm using a Linux small business server called Zentyal - It's free and make the network management so much easier and increase the security as well. You can setup shares, Domain Control and has many other features that you'll be amazed! My two cents! :o)

I hope you got the message and if you're interested on start this project, I do recommend you to check your setup and make the necessary changes prior to install any software.
 Also, I'll take a break with the next post because next week I'm going to Las Vegas to the Collaborate 12! The iConsortium group is sponsoring my travel and again, thanks to Tony Brackett for all the support! Talk to them if you need something related to JDE, like upgrades, implementations, etc...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

JD Edwards Virtual Machine Templates Installation tutorial - Intro

After couple months studying and analyzing the best way to implement in a minimal configuration, I finally got in a reasonable point that I can say you can have your own JD Edwards real environment set with Development, QA and Production - DV, PY and PD like in real world - without spend lots of money in expensive equipment  and without going through the hassle of months installing piece by piece of the JD Edwards' components.

The JD Edwards VM templates setup I'm demonstrating to you is for sandbox purposes only and it's not following Oracle's recommended architecture. So, you may ask me: - why are you doing something that's not the standard, the recommended? And my answer is: the purpose of this setup is to provide a minimal hardware configuration. It's intended to a home user, such as a developer who wants to have the system for study; a junior CNC who wants to test something at home, or even a technology enthusiast consultant who wants to have a complete JDE setup at home to test and implement the new applications processes.

However, if you have plenty of resources available and want to see how VM Templates works, I do recommend and encourage you to do an original installation following Oracle's standards for hardware and software. You can also setup a real production environment in a couple days. It's really amazing what you can do with VM Templates.

Diagram showing the architecture used for this special VM implementation

Remember, this is a VIRTUAL environment where one or more virtual machines will run in a same piece of hardware. HARDWARE is fundamental for this project and even thinking in a "minimal configuration" you'll need some more powerful hardware.

In the next postings I'll describe the hardware architecture I'm using on JDEFusion labs and I'll start this series talking specifically about the hardware you'll need to achieve a reasonable performance. So, by talking about hardware, I'm not talking only about computer machine virtualization capabilities itself, but the whole architecture such as networking, switches, routers, cables, connection speed, storage, web server and so on. I'll give further details about this on the next post. I'd like to say thanks to Tony Brackett from the iConsortium who provided the main server for this implementation.

My intention with this is to facilitate and encourage you to start playing and embrace this technology, independent of your area of actuation, because virtualization is not a simple market trend; it's a reality and even if you work on the higher level of application the simple fact to understand how things works may give you a holistic vision of how amazingly and beautifully this system is engineered.

I have a lot to show to you and I was preparing myself studying hard this virtualization concept and collecting material like print screens and even recording some videos in how to install the JDE VM Templates. I was tuning and experimenting and I think I finally got in a reasonable and practical end.

Personally, this was a big challenge, I hope I can share with you in a good way and prepare yourself for the Virtual world of JDE VM Templates!