Monday, April 30, 2012

Collaborate 12 - Las Vegas

First of all: Thanks Tony Brackett from the iConsortium for the oportunity and to sponsor the JDEFusion at Collaborate 12. This shows his vision and beliefs on the real Social Networking movement and Web 2.0. We're just a simple blog but I hope we're making the difference for the JD Edwards community at all.

This was my first Collaborate. I have had a chance to go at Collaborate Midwest but I'm really impressed with the structure and the organization I saw at this main event. It worth the investment and even they don't support any blogging initiative like Oracle does at Open World, I do recommend the Collaborate experience. Specially next year: the Collaborate will be in Denver, Colorado, the JD Edwards worldwide headquarters.  So, take note: in case you couldn't make the Collaborate this year, don't even think to miss next year, because I believe Oracle and the JD Edwards team will make it special!

I'm working on a report detailing my experience focused on who was not able to be there so that you can decide to go next year and make the commitment and the investment on such event. It's a really good way to grow your network, meet personally the JD Edwards gurus and experts and enhance your knowledge. The report has no cost for you and I hope to finish it by the middle next week. Stay tuned!

My view of Las Vegas after a Collaborate' 12 day

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