Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What I see at JD Edwards Summit 2017

JD Edwards INFOCUS 2017

Know from the experts of the industry at JD Edwards INFOCUS 2017. Learn new skills during various workshops and education sessions, and network and share your experience with other customers. http://bit.ly/2sXvKw2 

JD Edwards Continues to Invest in Cloud, User Experience, IoT, and Cloud!

Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President, Oracle JD Edwards, talks about the company’s commitment to invest in and deliver digital technologies, industry solutions, and ERP enhancements. Hear about innovations in JD Edwards as a platform that enables digital business and improves the user experience. http://bit.ly/2tMh7Zf 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

UX One: A Major Advancement for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Users

Continued Investments in JD Edwards

A new JD Edwards eBook is available on the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne page of Oracle.com. Read more on the investments being made by Oracle and JD Edwards for the products you use every day. http://bit.ly/2u455P1

Interacting with Oracle Solutions Quickly and Easily

Oracle’s User Experience allows customers to shift between their personal and professional devices and lives more easily. The result is a simplified mobile UX, with just the essential, task-based options users need to do their work, whether they’re in between meetings or juggling life along the way. http://bit.ly/2tIgtNQ