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Reducing Installation Time Using Oracle VM Templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Oracle JDE VMs - EnterpriseOne 9.0.1 - 8.98.2 tools release Public Announcement: Announcing Availability of Oracle VM Templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Oracle announces the availability of Oracle VM templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Oracle VM Templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provide an alternative to the traditional installation process, allowing customers and partners to bring up a fully functioning JD Edwards EnterpriseOne installation in days rather than weeks. Three Oracle VM templates encapsulate preinstalled images of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enterprise server, database server, and HTML server. The templates eliminate the need to install the operating system, database, and web server components and completely by-pass the traditional JD Edwards EnterpriseOne installation process. New instances of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne servers can also be provisioned within minutes. The installation is built on a complete Oracle technology stack: Oracle VM, Oracle Enterp

We are 100!!!

We got 100 members in our Social Network! After one year of hard work, we are now 100!! Social Network's new look

Check our Social Network's new look! With a new design and colors, now it's easier to find people and interact with JD Edwards professionals and enthusiasts!

Now Available: Oracle Exadata V2

  Extreme Performance for All Your Database Workloads Dear Gustavo Barizon, Oracle Exadata V2 is twice as fast as Oracle Exadata V1 for data warehousing, and that’s just the beginning. It’s the only database machine that also runs online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, and it does it much faster and for a lower cost than any other computer. Watch Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s Webcast to discover how Oracle Exadata V2 can help drive significant cost savings throughout your business. You’ll find out how to: Consolidate OLTP and data warehousing applications on a single preconfigured machine Run database applications faster, using Sun FlashFire and intelligent storage software Seamlessly integrate scalable, industry-standard hardware into your data

Oracle Open World 2009 - Larry Ellison's Keynote

Here we go! After long time without posting about Oracle Open World 2009, I came back with this video, by Larry Ellison's second keynote speech. Sorry by the low video resolution, but I broadcast live from my laptop using my personal web cam attached to the lid of the water bottle they gave us . It was crazy experience for me but I think it worked! So, enjoy the video!

Presentación de Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g para Latinoamérica

El pasado 20 de octubre en Argentina, Oracle anuncio; Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g , una suite de productos de última generación ahora disponible para todos los clientes y socios de negocios en Latinoamérica. Oracle busca generar un diferenciador en sus clientes habilitándolos a responder oportunamente a los cambios de su negocio: Ofreciendo mejores integraciones entre aplicaciones, haciendo más sencilla la complejidad de hacer convivir la gran cantidad de productos con una solución eficiente mejorando considerablemente la agilidad y la inteligencia de las aplicaciones de negocios. Ayuda a convertir en una realidad la visión y tendencia que hemos venido apreciando desde hace algunos años al lograr filosofías como Enteprise 2.0, gobernabilidad, SOA con seguridad unificada, por ejemplo. Incluye capacidades para: Oracle SOA Suite Oracle WebLogic Suite Oracle WebCenter Suite Oracle Identity Management Definitivamente la adquisición de BEA ayuda a Oracle a formar una solución mu

Learning Paths now available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.0 and Tools 8.98

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Common Foundation Rel 9.0 - RWC This course describes the EnterpriseOne software structure and how to use menus, tasks, and forms. Students learn how to become efficient in navigating and using the web client. Content includes the fundamentals of the EnterpriseOne task structure, navigation, form basics, user-defined codes, interactive and batch versions, and software support options. This course provides customers the foundational knowledge for operating efficiently using the EnterpriseOne web client. Learn To: Navigate the EnterpriseOne web client Use EnterpriseOne applications on the web Manage user defined codes and category codes Define and manage application versions Use the Employee Work Center Access online help and error messages Audience Security Administrators Technical Consultant Reports Developer Technical Administrator End Users Application Developers Course Objectives Navigate EnterpriseOne software Manage

Oracle Announces the Availability of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98.2 Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98.2 is now available. This new release is compatible with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application releases 8.11, 8.12, and 9.0. For information on the JD Edward EnterpriseOne Tools releases including the tools release process, please refer to Document ID 653448.1 on  My Oracle Support . JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98.2 contains new product enhancements and additional platform certifications. The new product enhancements in 8.98.2 are: Resource Management in Server Manager A set of enhancements to the Server Manager tool which provides greater insight and diagnostics into the memory and CPU usage of E1 call object and UBE kernel processes. This enables system administrators to quickly identify processes with high resource consumption and reclaim those system resources to ensure system stability. It also decreases the time required for developers to identify

A Convenient Way to Learn Oracle: Self-Study CD ROMs

A Convenient Way to Learn Oracle: Self-Study CD ROMs Oracle University Self Study CD-ROMs: a full Oracle training curriculum for self-paced study, anytime, anywhere. Self Study CD-ROM training from Oracle University is a proven way to train effectively and uses the latest multimedia technology, graphics, screen shots and real time exercises. You can train when and where you prefer: at your desk, at home, even on an airplane. Key elements of Oracle's Self-Study CD-ROM training include: Learning Flexibility - focus on the topics that are important to you Simulations - Hands-on simulations and practices Multimedia Technology - Proven learning techniques, including visual and audio components, increase retention of course material Student Feedback on Results -Track and evaluate student progress SCORM and AICC compliant Oracle University offers a broad collection of CD-ROM courses: Stand

Oracle Encourages JD Edwards Customers to Hang Tight by Alex Woodie Ever since  Oracle  obtained JD Edwards several years ago, some JD Edwards customers have been skeptical about Oracle's commitment to the products, its commitment to customers, and its business application roadmap. Last week at the Oracle OpenWorld 09 conference in San Francisco, the software giant did its best to turn the skeptics into believers when it committed to supporting JD Edwards products for a decade, and promised to deliver the next-generation Fusion applications next year. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is not normally known for being the touchy-feely type. His hostile takeover of PeopleSoft in 2004 was both brutal and personal, and was an excellent example of his ruthless approach to achieving supremacy in the cutthroat enterprise application business. But in a keynote speech from Oracle OpenWorld last Wednesday, Ellison made a rare display of understanding and compassion for his acquired customers. Ther

Oracle Open World - JD Edwards News

Hi there! Since long I don't post anything! First of all, I'm sorry about that, but it's really hard to be out during one hole week and after get all work done! So, I got a lot of material at Open World, I went in many "Hands on Labs", I tried to get as much networking as possible, and worked! I'll publish these materials, since technical approaches in how to migrate from XE to 9.0 or how to create an BI Publisher application from scratch... The Open World 2009 experience gave me more enthusiasm in JD Edwards... I could see by my eyes that Oracle is supporting and investing in JD Edwards, and even Larry Ellison in one speech, talked about JD Edwards. I'd like to say thanks to Oracle by the opportunity to be there, and hope next year to be there!  

BI Publisher Best Practices

Nikolas Psomas - Principal Product Manager Klaus Fabian - Senior Development Manager

Aerosmith Concert!!

Live broadcast Station!!!

Ellison @ Open World

Schwartzenegger @ Open World!!!

Really Cool!!!

The Who's voice @ stage

Sam Diaz and Jean McClelland

Really cool Bloggers!!

Bloggers at work!!

Larry Ellison Keynote

Lafarge goes Global With EnterpriseOne

Appreciation Events

Wednesday, October 14, 8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. | Treasure Island, San Francisco Don't Miss a Thing This year, our annual concert celebration that says "thank you" to our customers and partners takes you back to the spectacular setting of historic Treasure Island-an idyllic island landmark in the San Francisco Bay. Aerosmith Leading the 2009 lineup of international superstars is one of the biggest bands of all time: Aerosmith. The "Bad Boys from Boston" have defined the style and sound of hard rock for nearly three decades with a seemingly endless list of hits, including "Dream On," "Sweet Emotion," "Back in the Saddle," "Walk This Way," "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing," and "Amazing." Roger Daltrey Roger Daltrey is noted as a founder of the legendary rock band The Who, in the early 1960s. His energy and stage presence established The Who at the monumental Monterey Pop, Woodstock, and Isle of Wight music

Waiting for this session

The business value of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financials 9.0 We'll broadcast this session live!! Stay tuned!!

JDEdwards Pavillion overview

JDEdwars pavillion

Jumping from XE to 9.0

Boston Properties success history.Jim Whalen & Brian Lord are talking and sharing their experience in how they moved from XE to the most recent version 9.0.

Nice guys from Extol @ Open World!!

Having fun too!

Gustavo at OBA lab

Business Accelerators Hands On Lab

Lunch time @ Open World!!

Oracle shuttle

I'm here late, thinking about you always!!

I'm here now!! Missing you my love!

BI supports Iphone

New tools control for BI

Financial analytics adapter

BI Applications

E1 Tools 8.98.2. platform support

Avoiding Wide Open Finds


JDE Architecture

General view of presentation

JDE Roadmap

BI Publisher

JDE Service Pack 24 for XE

Preparing to attend another session

Oracle hands on: How to setup a configuration manager for JDE

IFRS - How to migrate to this new acct standard

It's an International standard for accounting - it changes a multitude of business process and functions

Today\2019s JD Edwards Product Philosophy to Support Your Innovative Future

Today JDE is talking about new integrations about new realises but the pricipal focus is JDE E1 9.0. We have some customers with JDE 90 but they you do upgrade in the next 3-8 years.   The name of JDE futre is 9.0. This means the Oracle is working hard to improve JDE E1 in performance and new features! BI Publisher, SOA Agile Primavera Financial Controls Order Approval User control of reporting And more. The news relase are Tools: 8.98.0 and 8.98.1   Those are some information about this meeting:   New Modules: Financial Control - more with governament contracts ; contrast-specific   Tools 8.98.0 better monitoring of batch jobs easier customization deployment faster installation improved look and feel better user control of reporting more efficient use of screen real state Oracle BI Publisher for interactive reporting Oracle Database for local data   8.98.1 Oracle enterprie manager application Pack       Application Pay when paid processing Contrac