Saturday, November 7, 2009

Learning Paths now available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Release 9.0 and Tools 8.98

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Common Foundation Rel 9.0 - RWC

This course describes the EnterpriseOne software structure and how to use menus, tasks, and forms. Students learn how to become efficient in navigating and using the web client. Content includes the fundamentals of the EnterpriseOne task structure, navigation, form basics, user-defined codes, interactive and batch versions, and software support options.
This course provides customers the foundational knowledge for operating efficiently using the EnterpriseOne web client.
Learn To:
  • Navigate the EnterpriseOne web client
  • Use EnterpriseOne applications on the web
  • Manage user defined codes and category codes
  • Define and manage application versions
  • Use the Employee Work Center
  • Access online help and error messages

  • Security Administrators
  • Technical Consultant
  • Reports Developer
  • Technical Administrator
  • End Users
  • Application Developers

Course Objectives
  • Navigate EnterpriseOne software
  • Manage and use grids
  • Define and manage versions
  • Access the Employee Work Center
  • Identify help and support options

Course Topics

Technology Overview
  • Describing JD Edwards software features
  • Describing system integration

Navigating the EnterpriseOne Web Client

  • Describing the EnterpriseOne application interface
  • Navigating the EnterpriseOne web client

Managing Form Grids

  • Describing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne forms
  • Creating new form grids
  • Exporting and importing grid data
  • Attaching media objects to forms and records

Using Applications on the Web

  • Describing software records
  • Adding and revising records
  • Using hot keys and search features
  • Working with queries

Managing User Defined Codes and Category Codes

  • Describing user defined codes (UDCs)
  • Describing category codes

Defining Application Versions

  • Defining application versions
  • Describing facts about versions
  • Describing interactive versions
  • Describing batch versions

Managing Application Versions

  • Managing interactive versions
  • Managing batch versions
  • Submitting batch versions

Reviewing the Employee Work Center

  • Describing the Employee Work Center
  • Describing Work Center queues
  • Describing Work Center message types

Reviewing Online Help and Error Messages

  • Describing online help and error messages
  • Accessing online documentation
  • Reviewing error messages

Identifying Support Services

  • Describing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne support services
  • Using online support

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