Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oracle Open World - JD Edwards News

Hi there!

Since long I don't post anything! First of all, I'm sorry about that, but it's really hard to be out during one hole week and after get all work done!

So, I got a lot of material at Open World, I went in many "Hands on Labs", I tried to get as much networking as possible, and worked!

I'll publish these materials, since technical approaches in how to migrate from XE to 9.0 or how to create an BI Publisher application from scratch...

The Open World 2009 experience gave me more enthusiasm in JD Edwards... I could see by my eyes that Oracle is supporting and investing in JD Edwards, and even Larry Ellison in one speech, talked about JD Edwards.

I'd like to say thanks to Oracle by the opportunity to be there, and hope next year to be there!  


  1. Barizon,

    I am keen waiting to get a glimpse of Open World material on Enterprise One. My special area of interest is to know whether Oracle is planning to introduce any product change for IFRS

  2. PURU,

    Please look at our blog and read about IFRS.




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