Wednesday, August 21, 2013

JD Edwards & Mobility: A Deep Dive


Want to see how JD Edwards can improve your business with mobile solutions? This Friday, August 23rd I'll be doing a webinar about JD Edwards mobile solutions. You'll see the iPad App and Mobile apps in action and you'll have a better idea on the infrastructure needed also how to create your mobility strategy within JD Edwards.

Here's the abstract:

No longer just a market trend, mobility in JD Edwards is now a powerful reality that can extend the reach of your ERP data from the manufacturing floor and corporate offices to the field in real-time.

Whether you are seeking to provide access to real-time inventory, sales and pricing data to your remote sales team or to or enable managers to review financial information and approve transactions while traveling away from the office, JD Edwards Mobile apps and the newly released JD Edwards iPad app can make it happen.

In this exciting new webinar from CD Group, you will discover the potential that mobility can provide your company. We will demonstrate the capabilities of both the JD Edwards Mobile and JD Edwards iPad apps, and show you how to use their real-time capabilities to make your operations and decision making more efficient and effective. We will also show you how CD Group can help you develop your own custom mobile application, using a specialized tool kit.

Seating is limited. Reserve your webinar seat now.

Don't miss this webinar and I hope to hear your feedback!


- Gustavo