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Tools Release

Webinar - The Modern Accounts Payable in JD Edwards

Free Webinar from innova9! The Modern Accounts Payable. May 29th, 10am MT. Register here: Deep dive in the UX One's Accounts Payable manager role and discover the possibilities a modern ERP can bring to you. Enhance your performance thru the Alert, Analyze and Act paradigm and how to effectively use it for a better understanding of your company's AP situation. We'll build a notification based on Payee Control to Approval, so whenever you have a new payee control records to approve, the system will notify you, preventing any error and fraud, and enabling faster answer / approval from the AP Manager. After this session, users will return to their companies with a valuable content in hands, by completely understanding the AP Manager Dashboards for UX One, as well as the possibilities with the Notifications system. All the content is already available on JD Edwards 9.2.x and users will take this knowledge back to their sites and they will be able t

How to use Orchestrator after you build an Orchestration?

How to use Orchestrator, once I build the Orchestration? How it works? You probably saw a lot of videos and explanations about how practical is Orchestrator, right? But, have you asked yourself after you build the Orchestration, how to use it, or how it works? In this Master Class, you'll learn not only how to build Orchestrations, but also the foundation that enables you to expose any JD Edwards applications and processes as a Web Service. That's the idea: not only come with the solution, but give a solid base in the foundation, so you'll have a complete understanding on how it works. This will help you when thinking - or designing - your own integrations: no matter if it is with another system or an IoT device. By the way, I'll show how to use a temperature sensor to send information to Orchestrator / JD Edwards. Let's learn together?

Learn how to be an Orchestrator Master!

Let's talk in plain English now: Why would you need to know about Orchestrator? What impact it has in your business? Orchestrator will save your company time. Time is money. I'm not talking about only the latest integration technologies, where everyone in the process is up-to-date. I'm talking about on your reality today. Need to send a JD Edwards report via email to a manager? Save time and money by doing it using Orchestrator. Without a single line of code, you can schedule a batch job to run, and automatically send the PDF via email, or copy to a shared drive. That's one of many benefits of Orchestrator for your business. Join our Master Class and learn how Orchestrator works and all other benefits! You'll have all training materials, access to E1 with Orchestrator Studio and Client, and that will be a fun and engaging experience. The cost for it? Affordable, that's what I say. Contact us and let's learn together?

Orchestrator Master Class

Have you heard about Orchestrator? What it does? How to use it? How this can be a cost-saving to my company? Well, have these and other questions answered in this Orchestrator Master Class. In the past, if you want to do a Business Services integration, for example, get the correct Address from USPS, or check the FEDEX tracking information, you had to rely on a series of things: BSSV servers, Java coding, JDeveloper, a Developer or more and time. With Orchestrator, you can easily build this type of integration. No developer need. No BSSV servers, no JDeveloper... That's where the possibilities comes in place: Your company will be agile enough to provide this type of integrations to and from EnterpriseOne. Join me in this Master Calss and see how you can leverage this tool for the best performance. Are you not in 9.2 yet? No worries. We've got you covered: We have our labs with the latest and greatest release, so you can play with and build your business case. In t

The Digital Transformation Journey

What Lyle talked on his main keynote at Collaborate was profound. Digital Transformation is a journey. Embrace the modern and digital enterprise. We can help you in this journey by building your strategy on implementing the innovations available today. You may have the software but not using. Also, this is all about how people will react to the changes. Implemented in a good, fun and efficient way, the adoption happens with no problem. Their perception about their work will change. Start today! No matter if you're on 9.2 platform or thinking to upgrade. Start small, but ready to scale. Educate your users with the possibilities. Being digital isn't about trends. Being digital will save you money, will make you more efficient. The beauty of this digital revolution we're starting to live, is that you don't need to disrupt your business. You can do it smoothly at your pace and immediately benefit from it.