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Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Announces the Date Utility Now Available!

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Date Utility

As we approach the end of the year 2010 it is necessary to update the default value of CENTCHG (CenturyChangeYear) to ensure accurate dates are assigned to new data within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. After changing the default value, new data that is created will use the appropriate expiration date. However, the system cannot update existing dates in the tables. Some expiration dates may be valid. Therefore, users must evaluate the dates to determine the dates that should be revised.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is pleased to announce the availability of the Date Utility. The Date Utility for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enables you to identify and update an expiration date value in a specified table. The Date Utility is intended to update current dates in the system, not historical dates.

The utility includes two modes:
· Scan to identify the tables that contain the expiration date.
· Update to change the expiration date in a specified field within a spe…

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Announces Key 9.0 User Interface (UI) Enhancements

The JD Edwards product team is pleased to announce the availability of new User Interface Enhancements, available now!!!

On May 18th, 2010, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne announced the availability of UI Enhancements to 22 of its most widely used applications sets. And now, we are pleased to announce the availability of UI enhancements to an additional 24 applications. These enhancements are strategically designed to increase the intuitiveness and ease of use of EnterpriseOne applications. And best of all, these enhancements are being delivered as ESU so that customers can begin experiencing the value without having to go through an upgrade.

Please see the link below for more information, including links to the ESUs, screen shots and more. We are confident that our 9.0 customers will find great value in these enhancements, and our ability to demo well, compete and win during sales cycles will be improved.

Special thanks go out to the E1 field sales/presales team for providing the suggested …

JD Edwards Oneworld on AS400

To download in pdf format click here


Eighteen Oracle Certification Beta Exams Currently Available

June 2010Register | Contact Us Hi Everyone,This month's Oracle Certification E-Magazine has an interesting assortment of helpful info. We have some good helpful program tips, as well as some disappointing news regarding action we had to take on illegal/cheating activity. On a more positive note though, Global Knowledge released their 2010 IT Skills and Salary Report, which again denotes how certification is valued by the majority of managers and those who become certified.A lot of new certification development is in progress which we hope you find interesting and helpful for your technical proficiency an career. Read more below, and as always - share your thoughts on the OTN Forum and/or the Oracle Certification Blog!Thank you ,

Paul Sorensen | Director, Oracle Certification ORACLE CERTIFICATION NEWS ·Time To Consider Getting Your Oracle Certification?·Who's Who? - Oracle Certification Email Contacts·Certification Cheating Incident·

Get Ready for the OBIEE 11g Launch

Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence Edition
June 2010
NEWSOracle Readies for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Launch
In July, Oracle is expected to launch Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g, which represents the most important and wide-ranging BI launch in more than three years. More... OpenWorld 2010: Deep-Dive Sessions on Latest BI and EPM Releases
With more than 80 scheduled sessions devoted to BI and EPM, this year's Oracle OpenWorld conference—September 19-23 in San Francisco—will offer a deep dive into 2010 releases, including Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g and Oracle EPM System Release 11.1.2. More... Survey of CIOs and Execs: BI a Top Priority in 2010
In a semiannual survey of CIOs and other executives worldwide, the Oracle report titled "CIO Challenges: The Best …