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Praxis Reports from Oracle Open World 2009


Be at Oracle Open World 2009 was a great experience for me. There I could met many people with the same interest: JD Edwards. One of this persons I met was Jean McCelland. We met in the Larry Ellison Keynote on the blogger section. I was there with my web cam transmitting live video in my "edition island" and we started to talk, exchanged some business cards...

Well, she wrote a complete report that represents the Oracle Open World spirit with so many details as well as statistics, networking, how green was the conference and so on. She sent this report to me in a while, but now I'd like to share with you this wonderful work!

You can contact Jean at her web site
If you're interested to download the full report PDF, please follow ths link below

The material below is copyrighted by Praxis Reports and JDEFusion was authorized to publish since we mentioned the source

2009 O…

JD Edwards Certification - Finding out more...

Finally, you can get all you want at Oracle University web site:
Oracle Certification Program
My final consideration is that you should take this exam, even if you're not a financial specialist. Don't worry if you're a developer, or another area consultant. All businesses has to pay and receive money. So, being a certified professional you can add more value to your career.
I hope you enjoyed these 3 topics and let me know if you have any question about this!

JD Edwards Certification - Exam Topics

Today I'll talk a little bit more about the exam topics for JD Edwards EnterprieseOne Financial Management Essentials certification.

This exam will cover the basics of financial modules like Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Accounting plus Fixed Assets and the basics for Common Foundation / Address Book. It's a lot of material to study and review, but if you're experienced in those modules you can be in good hands.

Below the complete list of all exam topics:

Common Foundation / Address Book Work with UDCsManage Interactive VersionsWork with EnvironmentsUsing the Visual AssistPassword managementWorking with the GridExporting Grid DataUsing the Data Browser to search for dataWorking with Submitted JobsDescribe the Address BookNavigation using Fast PathUsing Fast KeysAutopopulating InformationWork with Processing OptionsUse Address Book Category CodesInterpret Date Warnings and ErrorsConfigure Next NumbersAccounts Payable Describe the AP Business Process Overvie…

JD Edwards Certification

Hello everybody!

I'm back after a while with some interesting news about a theme that is not discussed in some years for JD Edwards: Certification.

First I have a question: 

- Do you know exactly if Oracle has a Certification program focused on JDE?

Just try to google it and see what happens... Not so good news, right?? 
I could see in many posts and comments only bad things about certification and in one blog comment, someone said that Oracle wants to terminate JDE and that JDE has only more 5 years to exist!! OH My!!!

Of course they're
Since December 1st 2009, Oracle HAS a Certification program to JDE!

No, I'm not kidding!! Well, it's not so easy to find, but, after many years (2003 was the last one?) we got our first certification program for Financials.

So why do you care about JD Edwards certification???

It's simple: CREDIBILITY!

For the professional:
The Oracle Certified Specialist branded credentials are typically foundation-level implementation-oriented certific…

Got 15 Minutes? Take a Quick IT Performance Assessment

On Demand Edition
March 2010
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On January 27, 2010, Oracle announced it finalized its acquisition of Sun. With the addition of servers, storage, SPARC processors, the Solaris operating system, Java, and the …

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