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1000+ access to the JDE demo 9.1 installation tutorial!!

Thanks everybody for this amazing number! I'm really happy that in a little more than a month a THOUSAND views on the JD Edwards 9.1 installation tutorial! Thanks for all your feedback and as we can see, we don't have many comments related to installation issues or problems! It shows the efficiency and power of video tutorials!!

After a vacation in Brazil, my home country, I'm back in Denver with more energy than ever and I hope to be able to write as many technical articles, news and share with you a little about this amazing software we love!

Below some pics from my vacation with my beloved family and friends in Brazil!

My plans for the next month is to finish the Collaborate' 12 report and the JD Edwards VM Templates installation tutorial.

So, that's it! Let's keep moving!

See you next time!

Collaborate 13 - Denver CO