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Happy Holidays!

JD Edwards E1 9.0 Demonstration

Hi all! This year the Oracle Open World was the best year for JD Edwards in my opinion. There I could see many enhancements to the JD Edwards software, not only related to the UI experience, but in terms of support timeframe and new devices options as well. The Lyle Ekdahl's keynote was really fun - he entered wearing pajamas and carrying a little puffy bear and talked about DREAMS. The power of dreams in JD Edwards and in our lives. This is the fact: particularly I'm here writing these lines for you and sharing this sort of information because I BELIEVE in DREAMS and Mr. Ekdahl got right in the point . After that, he talked about the new challenges for JD Edwards such as the Big Data handling with the Oracle "Exa" machines family - Exadata, Exalogic and the most recent Exalytic. This is a perfect environment for JDE and for the primary tests JDE achieved great success and performance on those machines as shown below. Here's a quote from Pernod Ri

Reinventing the user experience - The New E1

CSS Party with guest artist Lyle Ekdahl!!

Appreciation event @ OOW

Tom Petty

OOW 2011

Lots of fun on Larry's presentation today!!

BI Publisher in JD Edwards Session

JDE New Look

Below a video recorded on the JDE 9.0 is Now! Keynote leaded by Lyle Ekdahl, JD Edwards vice president. This video is about the new look and feel of JDE. Introduces the "Carroussel" for applications and shows a new way to navigate in JDE. Enjoy!

Lyle and me!

JD Edwards Pavillion

    Here we go for the first session of the day. I'm in the JD Edwards Pavilion waiting for the General Session: JD Edwards 9 is Now! Presented by Lyle Ekdahl, group vice president and general manager of JD Edwards. I'm really excited to see what's new for JDE and share everything with you!

Soul of the Machine @ OOW

Welcome reception!!

OOW Welcome reception

OOW 2011 crowd for the oppening keynote!

Welcome to OOW 2011!!

Ready for OOW 2011!

Hi everybody, here I am on the third year in a row to cover the OOW. I'm really excited about many things I want to see and share with you. So, just keep looking the blog during this week and I'll do my best to spread the most recent JDE enhancements! Also, I setup a "JDEFusion TV" which I'll broadcast the sessions live and other stuff like the Sting concert on Treasure island on Wednesday. I appreciate your visit and let's go OOW 2011!! Today I'm going live on 5pm to Larry Ellison's opening keynote! This is a MUST SEE keynote. I believe he'll be focusing on the new SPARC family computers and "Elastic Cloud", so, at 5:30pm PT I'm entering LIVE for the keynote!! Thank you all! Gustavo Barizon.

Oracle Open World 2011 - Sessions

Here we go again!! The JDEFusion team will be going again to cover this big event! I'll send updated information in real time directly from OOW 2011. Like the past years, we'll setup a JDEFusionTV channel with live video broadcast and you'll be able to see what's going on inside the conference. Below the sessions we'll be attending. This year we'll open a space for Oracle Linux and  and Business Process Management as well as Oracle Server Manager - which is important not only because they are part of the Oracle suite of products, but they are in certain form involved directly (or indirectly) with JD Edwards. Also, I'm focused on mobile applications in JD Edwards and Web Services development. Let's explore together the hands on labs with cool sessions such as building composite apps in JDE using Related Information Application Framework (RIAF), introduced in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Release 8.98 Update 4. I'm really excited about this yea

Oracle Sets New Premier Support Timeline for latest releases of Oracle’s JD Edwards

New Timeline Accelerates Value and Delivers Additional Flexibility COLLABORATE ‘11, ORLANDO, FL – April 12, 2011 News Facts To help customers accelerate the value of their Oracle solutions, Oracle today announced that it has set a new start date of Oracle Premier Sup port for the latest releases of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle’s JD Edwards World. By setting the Oracle Premier Support timeline for Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 Update 2 and Oracl e's JD Edwards World A9.2 Update 1 to their general availability dates, Oracle is giving customers more flexibility in their upgrade planning. Premier Support for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 Update 2 will begin November 2010 and end November 2015, while Premier Support for JD Edwards World A9.2 Update 1 will now run from May 2010 to May 2015. The changes to the support timeline will allow JD Edwards customers to begin upgrades to the current versions immediately and enjoy Premier Support until 2015

Analysing Logs

Hi, Let’s talk about analyzing logs. Everybody knows OW Debug Log Commander , from Everest software. Is really a great JDE geek tool to help us to start/stop a log session and also come with other cool features like Julian calendar converter (in my opinion the best julian date converter on the market now!) and deletion of Global Tables, the famous “DD” files. And I believe most of you know or heard about Performance Workbench. Performance Workbench is a set of tools that parse a log file accordingly to some input parameters to get statistical data, like business functions timing, SQL statements, number of table access like select, delete, update, etc… You must uncompress the parse .EXE files in a separate directory (I usually use C:\PARSE) and run the main program. It does not have any other tool like in OW Debug Log Commander, but is really useful – specially for HUGE logs. But, what if you get together the best of OW Debug Log Commander and Performance Workbench a

Announcement from JDEFusion

JDEFusion is looking for new collaborators. We're pleased to announce we're oppening for anyone who loves JD Edwards and can share with others your experience, passion and good histories. Please send an email to for more details. Thanks, Gustavo Barizon

WEBCAST: Battling Configuration Drift - Tales from the Trenches

WEBCAST: Battling Configuration Drift - Tales from the Trenches By Scott McNeil on March 21, 2011 12:00 PM Thursday, March 24, 2011 10:00 a.m. PST / 1:00 p.m. EST Thursday, April 14, 2011 10:00 a.m. PST / 1:00 p.m. EST Register Now!     In this interactive Webcast, you'll hear real stories about IT teams who are winning the battle against configuration drift and IT complexity. See firsthand how Oracle Enterprise Manager 11 g simplifies configuration management, improves service quality, and enforces compliance to give you better control of your IT. Regist

And we're back again...

Hi everybody, After a long hiatus, we're back again. This year will be a good year for JDE and we expect the best for everybody! Let's start in a good way! I found a hilarious video about JD Edwards which was posted in 2008 that reflects our reality. Please enjoy and feel free to comment!