Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let information about JDEdwards world latest news, aiming customers, consulting,CNC's and developers.

Be reference to the JDEdwards community in Brazil and World.

JDE Lifestyle
Who lives this world knows about business functions, edit line's, UBE's, UTB, OMW...

How the market is doing in USA and behavior.

JDE in Brazil
Brazilian consultant firms, customers, installed base.

Your exclusive place to show your tallent.

Technical Articles
Developer's and consultant's tech articles.

The bests opportunities to work with JDE in Brazil and USA.

The most exciting tales about projects all around the world.

New Technologies
What's new in JDEdwards world. SOA, SOAP, BPEL, Fusion Middleware.

Project Management
Discussion about the best methodologies to be used in JDEdwards projects.

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