Sunday, December 7, 2008

JDE 9.0 tips - Save specs


Sorry by the long time without posting. This year's end has been a little busy over here!

Now, I want show a new JDE 9.0 feature: Specs Saving in OMW.

You can save and restore your spec to different machines just using OMW without packaging. You save a file and can copy to any media you want and restore it in another machine.

Below a little tutorial explaining this feature:

Saving/Restore Tutorial

1. Choose your report or application, select and click the button SAVE

2. A confirmation screen will be shown to select the type of save to perform. To save a ZIP file, press button "YES". If you press "NO", the traditional save/restore location will be used.


3. After pressing "YES" button, select the folder you want to save your report/application

4. Your spec will be saved to the desired location you chosen. Now, let's restore the report:

Click the RESTORE button

5. Click "YES" to the Overwrite local Specs message box

6. Press "YES" to select that you will be using a file as source. 

7. Choose the file you want to restore. You can restore from the internal hard drive, shared drive, network drive, CD, DVD, pen-drive and another media you want.

8. Job done! Your application spec is installed!

This new feature breaks the paradigm that JDEdwards cannot save or export specs without packaging. No third parties software must be installed compromising the system's integrity.

See ya!


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