Monday, October 20, 2008

The good news is you have a job.

The good news is you have a job. Think of the person who does not have a job and wants one.

If your job is opposite of what you studied, I hope you use this as an opportunity to learn something new. When we go to college / university, we go for more than one reason. One reason is to study something we are interested in, and another reason is to see a bigger world. Studies prepare us to be open to learning as we grow older. Do not be upset for not using your studies in your job. That is okay. I know your question is "what should I do?"

1) be the best you can at your job - this may lead to new opportunity with your company. Ask for more responsibility if you think you are ready to handle it.

2) keep networking with other people on this blog/forum that you don't know - this could lead to more opportunity

3) Smile!

I also want you to do this: Get some paper and write down the things you have passion about - and not just work or studies - the things you enjoy doing, your special talents, and so on. Then think what you would like your life to look like in 5 years. Write that down. When you focus on these things, I hope you will find some ideas of the direction you really want to move in. It will not happen overnight - but if you stay focused on them you will increase your chances of attracting the right opportunity.

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