Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Upgrade Service Pack 24 in Jd Edwards Xe

Hello Everyone,
1 month ago we upgraded SP23 to SP24.

The SP 24.0.2 is the newest Xe version and is responsable to change the JD Edwards Xe tools.

This new change allows JD Edwards Xe to work with Windows Vista, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2008, fix a bug in Data Base Sort Order, and meny new features.

Now, we will help you to get all information, issues, solutions and know-how to upgrade to SP24.

First of all, It is good you create a good test plan because this new SP can show some applicantions screen problems, package and deployment issues.

Step01: Download SP24 files
To upgrade and install SP24 you need to have Oracle Acces and Download the files:
1. 24_02_99.par - Deployment Server
2. 24_02_50.par - Enterprise Server
IMPORTANT: The files must have the number 02. This means this is version 2 from SP24.

Step02: Deployment Server
1. Create Back folder
2. Copy the folders \system, \systemcomp and \OneWorldClientInstall from deployment Server to backup folders.
3. Create folder to receive the file.
...3.1. The file cant be in JDE directory structure
4. Unzip the file in the new folder
5. Execute .exe
...5.1. Click Ok (Installation Manager Appears)
...5.2. Select Service Pack Install
6. Create Compress Package Full
IMPORTANT: In Test Phase, the projects in Development/PY could not be promoted to PD environment.

Step03: Enterprise Server
1. Create folder to receive the file.
...1.1. The file cant be in JDE directory structure
2. Create back up folder to save \system for enterprise server
3. END Services for JDE B7333 Queue followed B7333 Network
4. Copy the \system folder from SP 24 to Enterprise Server directory
5. Change the attributesof each file and directory from Read Only to full permission
6. Copy the resource folder from backup system directory to your new system directory
7. Copy JDE.INI file from backup system\bin32 directory to your new system\bin32 directory
8. START services for JDE7333 Network then JDE7333 Queue on Enterprise Server

Step04: Build and Deploy Full package
Build and deploy full package with the new SP24.

We did all those steps to upgrade SP23 to SP24.

Oracle has a docmentation and could help you to apply this Service Pack (PeopleSoft_EnterpriseOne_Software_Update_Installation_Guide.pdf)

If you have some issues like Memory Violation, Package Deploy or etc, please feel free to do a comment and we will reply you.



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  2. When deploying PD full package with the new SP24, we got an error in Client as follows:

    Could not compress system (Location ) to systemcomp (Location)

    Can you guide us, why this happened and any solution to avoid it?

  3. Hello,

    I just did an update from SP23 to SP24 on Windows 2003 Deployment Server.
    All the steps went well except that i cannot run oexplore.exe nor activeconsole.exe on deployment.
    it simply do nothing.
    anyone have any idea ?

  4. Hi there,

    My bad, actually i was deployin SP24.1.5 : DO NOT USE IT, it wont work !

    with SP24.2.0, everything is OK.


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