Tuesday, February 7, 2012

JDEFusion and the Snow Tubing...

JDEFusion is not all about JDE neither Fusion... Is about Passion... Is about Denver... Is also about Colorado! The header picture of the JDEFusion logo was taken in the Colorado mountains...

Talking about the mountains, Frisco is a charming town in the Summit County, approximately 1,5 hours from Denver through the I-70.  We had lots of fun over there - In the movie: my wife Karine, my cousin Melissa, a friend Ana and me!! If you plan to stop by Denver for any JD Edwards' event or meeting, don't hesitate to spend a day (or more) in the mountains!  I do recommend!! Enjoy the Frisco Snow Tubing!!

For more information about the town of Frisco, please vist: http://www.townoffrisco.com

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