Monday, May 21, 2012

Collaborate 12 - The main Session: JD Edwards' Vision, Promises and Execution

I got this pin at Collaborate 12. Oracle was handing out bags stuffed with JD Edwards' material and gifts at the General Session entrance. I couldn't get one because it was only for Oracle customers, but I got this PIN! YEAH! Another fun thing: inside the bag, had a passport and the idea was to fill the passport pages with some tips that appear during Oracle's sessions and after complete filling the passport, there has a contest or something like that... It was an interesting and fun way to market JD Edwards!

Below the crowd before the main session starts.

The auditorium being filled for Lyle Ekdahl's talk.

Look at the people with the red bags on hand...

Here's all about: Vision, Promises and Execution: It's the Way We Roll and Why It Matters!! 

 It was such a nice and fun talk! Lyle with his particular way to present JD Edwards. He's very objective, smart and the sense of humor is a characteristic. It's his style. I have to confess it was shocking for me on my first time I saw Lyle starting a talk wearing pajamas with a bear plush on hands waking up from a "Dream"! That was really creative and inspiring for me!! That reflects JD Edwards' position on the market: breaking paradigms, innovating and creating this personality. Reinventing himself! 

Below the main announcements of the event: E1 9.1 and World A9.3!

Mobile apps show - it was a live demo; the wi-fi signal was not 100% set, but after a while everything goes well and we could see the Mobile applications running. In this case, the Mobile Expense Management module running!

In this final picture, Lyle's on a such performance got a FLAG, a GUN and a DUCK... He shot a duck on the stage!! But hold on, the duck was a toy and no firearms there! That was to justify his year's resolution he mentioned here: 

I'm still working on JDEFusion Collaborate12 Report, but after going to Vegas I had a trip to Washington DC and next week I'm flying to Brazil to stay with my family and friends after almost a year in US. It's being such a busy time for me, but I'll do my best on the report! Thanks again for the reading and hope to see you soon!

- Gustavo Barizon

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