Sunday, April 7, 2013


JDrivE is a JD Edwards solution to manage your customer's input and output interfaces in a central repository.

Adding this concept with JD Edwards Screen Applications and Reports, JDrivE is able to control, map paths on the fly, log interfaces activities, archive the processed files and much more. 

Also, JDrivE will handle interface's errors in a pro-active way. If it has a problem, JDrivE will avoid the file to be processed, alert the responsible for that specific interface and at the end create a knowledge base for future troubleshooting. 

With statistical reports on interfaces, your company - or customer - will have another view from transactions between banks, customers and suppliers in a granular view, directly on the source. This information can be used for auditing and checks with the system. Another possibility, you may see how long the interface process run, so you may tune your load / extract programs for better performance. 

The solution counts with OneView Reporting technology - for those ones who has OVR installed on their system and regular PDF reports.

JDrivE is a framework 100% written in JD Edwards and no external software is needed. It's a non-invasive procedure in your system which let you organize all your interfaces in a smart and fashion way.

Contact us if you want to see a demo.

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