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VM Templates

Let's make this page as a discussion mural for JD Edwards VM Templates.

Here you'll find any source of information about the VM Templates.

Feel free to comment and interact. Your experience is important and please share with us!

Here's the slideshow of the presentation I did at JD Edwards Summit'13 and here you'll find all information needed to install, setup, test and use the JD Edwards VM Templates.

- Gustavo Barizon


  1. Gustavo,
    as usual a very good and clear presenation.
    I can go as far as launching the VM and its console. I can login as oracle/ovsadminE1 but not as root.
    It does not recognize the password I entered while doing the ./ process as per documentation in the OVM express installation guide (E54942-03)

    Any ideas ?
    Alain de Morais

    1. Thanks Alain,

      After you start the console, a script runs and the very first option is to set a password. This is the ROOT pwd.

      After you assign the IP's and hostnames, just sign as root using your passowrd.

      I tried to re-run the "" following some instructions, but it's a little bit cumbersome. I'd rather to delete the VM and re-generate it again. Then you re-enter your root password.

      Please let me know the results.

      - Gustavo

  2. To unlock DB users:

    Slide 52
    alter [user] system account unlock

  3. select username, account_status, expiry_date from dba_users;


    ALTER USER "OVR_BIPLATFORM" IDENTIFIED BY VALUES 'S:15142574B2C451DBA2082F0626D8788B84B860A43B98D455D06322DDC310;8EA5E5BS139D2491'

  5. SET LINESIZE 32000;
    SET PAGESIZE 40000;
    SET LONG 50000;

    select username, account_status, expiry_date from dba_users;


    ALTER USER "JDE" IDENTIFIED BY VALUES 'S:AAFF9632CBD308B67253A2A8CA9E226F1E8F3A595E59D464F3AFD2EAC6DB;H:7166189940525CEF587AE2AA792E289E;7566DC952E73E869'

    alter user jde account unlock


    select username,account_status,to_char(EXPIRY_DATE, 'yyyy-mm-dd')Expire from dba_users;
    alter user PS910DTA identified by PS910DTA;
    alter user PS910CTL identified by PS910CTL;
    alter user PS910 identified by PS910;
    alter user TESTDTA identified by TESTDTA;
    alter user TESTCTL identified by TESTCTL;
    alter user DV910 identified by DV910;
    alter user CRPDTA identified by CRPDTA;
    alter user CRPCTL identified by CRPCTL;
    alter user PY910 identified by PY910;
    alter user PRODDTA identified by PRODDTA;
    alter user PRODCTL identified by PRODCTL;
    alter user PD910 identified by PD910;
    alter user DD910 identified by DD910;
    alter user OL910 identified by OL910;
    alter user SVM910 identified by SVM910;
    alter user SY910 identified by SY910;
    alter user PRODUSER identified by PRODUSER;
    alter user DEVUSER identified by DEVUSER;
    alter user APPLEAD identified by APPLEAD;
    alter user JDEDBA identified by JDEDBA;
    alter user JDE identified by JDE;
    alter user OVR_BIPLATFORM identified by ovsadminE1;
    alter user OVR_MDS identified by ovsadminE1;
    select username,account_status,to_char(EXPIRY_DATE, 'yyyy-mm-dd')Expire from dba_users;

  6. select profile from DBA_USERS where username = 'JDE';

    alter profile DEFAULT limit password_life_time UNLIMITED;

  7. select * from dba_profiles where profile='DEFAULT' and resource_type='PASSWORD';

  8. alter profile default limit FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS UNLIMITED;

  9. alter profile default limit PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME UNLIMITED;
    alter profile default limit PASSWORD_GRACE_TIME UNLIMITED;

  10. select username,osuser,terminal from v$session where username is not null order by username, osuser;

  11. SELECT 'ALTER USER '|| name ||' IDENTIFIED BY VALUES '''|| spare4 ||';'|| password ||''';' FROM sys.user$ WHERE name='ADF_IAU_APPEND';

  12. alter profile default limit PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME UNLIMITED;

  13. alter profile default limit PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME UNLIMITED;


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