Thursday, March 12, 2009

Difference between Fusion Middleware and Fusion Application - Part 01

Lets start with Fusion Applications...

Fusion Applications are scheduled to be released in 2009 and will be ERP software package. This new application set is designed to be Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)-compliant (this means.... SOA Definition: A business-centric architectural appoach that supports integrating business processes. The concept of SOA is to have a world of services that can be subscribed to and used through different applications. With SOA you can grab all data as you need. You can also configure the system to show this data through a single portal-type interface for users.) and uses the middleware solution.

Oracle is reviewing all of functionality from his current product lines. They plan to take the best of functionality and place it into Fusion Applications.
With this in mind, many people ask what they can do today to prepare for the new Fusion Applications.

To prepare, you can start to work with the Fusion Middleware product. The Fusion Applications will be sitting on top of this middleware product, so you will have a skill set that can be directly applied to Fusion Applications when you are finally ready to move to them. To do this you should be on a current release. As of 8.12 with foundation code 8.97, there is a lot of functionality coupled with the EnterpriseOne software. Some of this is business services, which are the way that EnterpriseOne publishes web services. These also are hooked directly into the Object Management Workbench, so that makes for easy promotion, deployment, and monitoring of the code line.

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