Tuesday, October 2, 2012

General Session: Runway to Success - Showcasing the JD Edwards Game-Changing Collection

Yesterday - Monday - was such a great day for JD Edwards community.

Great announcements such as a new release availability, Object Analyzer and much more.

We, from JDEFusion.com had the pleasure and privilege to work together with the team in Denver to make some of the coolest runaway shows ever! I'm really glad everything worked as expected and I'll post the opening video as soon as I have time to edit.

Lyle's keynote was about a new perspective for JD Edwards on ERP's scenarium - ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning - but, accordingly with his new ERP definition, he assumed:




Besides this new perspective, Lyle gave emphasis to JD Edwards' Apparel and Attribute Management module. Basically this module deals with complex and multi-attribute items from Manufacturing to Supply Chain:


JD Edwards Apparel Management is ideal for many industries that have products with multi-attribute parameters, such as:
  • Automotive Suppliers
  • Consumer Goods
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Life Sciences (Medical Devices)
  • Pulp and Paper

So, based on this perspective, of Evolution, Revolution and Provocative, mixed with the Apparel and Attribute Management module, we've decided to create a fashion show - with real models: the JD Edwards' executives! It was in a fun and relaxed environment all the executives got their shirt, put all the stamps on it. It was such a great moment to see the team's integration and sinergy.

To introduce the call to the models, we'd planned an introductory video with Lyle's asking for trhee types of shirts:

Evolution - basic printing shirts,

The models posing for a picture - Evolution shirts

Revolution - LED shirts and,

The Revolutoin Team!

Provocative - IPAD shirts

Look how Provocative they are!!

After Lyle's inquiry the items to show JD Edwards' Collection, we actually used the Apparel and Attribute Management module to process the Style Items, from its creation to Sales Order, then Manufacturing - Work Order creation, to Ship Confirmation. The module has been setup with real items such as Ipad Shirts, Large, etc...

Lyle practicing the trhow-away sling-shot shirt

The showcasing introductory video goes and then we heard: LET'S START THE SHOW!! So, the newest "Top Models" entered the stage and did their work!

Lyle Ekdahl presenting at OOW12

At the same night, we were blessed with Jimmy Cliff's music and vitality on a really impressive and contagiant concert!

I'll be back with the lattest news from JD Edwards at OOW12!

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