Monday, October 29, 2012

JDEFusion Session at INFOCUS 2012

Implementing JD Edwards VM Templates

Session # 000082
I'll be there at INFOCUS talking about my experience in setup a JD Edwards VM Templates, showing how to achieve a full environment setup using a minimal hardware requirements and abusing of Virtual Machines! Hope to see you there!!

- Gustavo


The Oracle VM Templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is the fastest way to install JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0. The VM Templates are suitable for fully production environment or sandbox purposes. This session will focus in how to install a complete set of JD Edwards VM Templates in home-office environment using a minimum set of hardware and network infrastructure, without affect the overall performance. Oracle provide the Templates as well as the virtualization tools for free download in a fully functional demo environment in which we'll analyze the hardware requirements, networking, storage, virtualization options as well as post installation steps like the deployment server and development workstation installation. This session's goal is to facilitate and encourage you to start embrace this technology, once virtualization is not a simple market trend; it's a reality and the simple fact to understand how things works may give you a holistic vision of how this system is engineered.

Objective #1

Download OVM Server; VirtualBox Template for OVM Manager and E1 VM Templates. Servers, workstations, networking and storage setup. A complete list of resources you'll need to start with JD Edwards VM Templates. Architecture used on JDEFusion labs.

Objective #2

Setup OVM Server and a local NFS storage; OVM Manager: A step by step explanation in how to setup the Virtualization architecture. Storage registration, VM Networking, VM Server discovery, Server Pool creation, E1VM Template import and creation.

Objective #3

Starting and setup of E1VM Templates: DB, Enterprise and HTML server initial setup; starting and stopping JD Edwards services. Deployment Server installation and Change Assistant: Deployment Server Accelerator. Development workstation setup.

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