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Curiosity Land on Mars

Even though  this post has nothing related to JD Edwards, I'd like to dedicate some words on this.

The achievement to land the Curiosity rover laboratory on Mars represents a huge advance in technology and open new doors to the humanity. Many of these new technologies had to work together in perfect synchronism to land the Curiosity on Mars.

So, while I was writing this post, I had the privilege to watch the live broadcast so well produced by the Nasa's team, with many explaining videos and infographics, also, with many interviews with specialists and technicians which gave us a more detailed perspective on how the whole process worked.

The land was a success and mark the beginning of a new era on how to investigate one of the most intriguing places on Mars!

As a reference, I'd like to share the mission's motto, which represents in a certain way, my feelings and convictions: 

Dare Mighty Things!

Live broadcast from Nasa's website


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