Wednesday, August 8, 2012

OneView Reporting Installation Webinar - Presentation


  1. Hi

    I am getting an error 98 process error when I try to import the 910allreports .Please let me know if any other setup other than the ones mentioned have to be done

  2. Hi Balaji,

    Could you please turn on the jde.log before the import process and then send it to me?

    Another choice is to download again the file on Oracle e-delivery. It may be corrupted.

    Remember, the must be zipped to be imported by the OneView Import program.


    - Gustavo

  3. Hi Gustavo,
    I completed the tutorial and the buttom OneView doesn´t appear.
    could you please tell me in wich step JDE 9.1 web include the bar buttom to open OneViewReporting? or maybe give some clue about how to understand what is going on
    I am at one step to have One View Reporting in 9.1 Demo
    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Lucas,

    It doesn't have a specific step. Just install the BI Publisher and you'll be able to get the OVR button.

    Basically you need to download and install the Bi Publisher Trial Edition and setup some BI connections in JD Edwards. No other step is needed.

    You may try to re-install the JD Edwards E1 9.1 in a virtual machine (you may use Oracle VirtualBox - and after the 9.1 installation, you may install the BI Publisher trial edition and setup JD Edwards accordingly with the Webinar.


    - Gustavo

  5. There is a problem sometimes with importing the 910AllReports zip file. The issue for me was the weblogic administration for BIPub does not show permission for BIPublish.!/2012/05/jd-edwards-one-view-reportingthe-hard.html

    Shannon explains how to do it. Weblogic console is the port 7001/console. I had to change the password to something besides demo. Then had to fix that in all the areas Gustavo suggests.

  6. Hi Gustavo,

    I tried to set up One View Reporting in JDE Demo 9.1.

    While importing "", I am getting Process Error : Status 98.

    Can you please guide what can be the possibility of this error?

    Thanks in advance.


  7. Hi Gustava,
    I also get the same error as above when importing the "". Is there a solution to it now or a work around it?

  8. Gustavo thanks for this it was excellent BUT I get the same error 98 on importing the reports - did you find the reason for this
    John in Calgary

  9. Hi Gustavo, great apreciate. Thanks a lot.
    But got a same problem with two previous latest comment, that No Data to display occured. Is there any miss configuration.


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