Thursday, August 2, 2012

OVR - JD Edwards OneView Reporting - In E1 Demo?? YES!!

Did you know that's possible to install the new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne OneView Reporting tool in your E1 Demo you installed from the video tutorial you watched here at YES! Just look the pict above! The demo is running on a Virtual Box VM under my Linux Ubuntu system!

Are you interested to know more about in how to install OVR in your E1 Demo and make use of hundreds OVR pre made reports???

I'll show you everything on Wednesday, August 8th from 1pm to 2pm Mountain Time in our first JDEFusion Google Hangout Webinar

The complete coverage in how to install and setup JD Edwards E1 OneView Reporting tool! 

It's free of charge and you'll be more than welcome to join the Hangout. I'll give more details on upcoming days! But remember, only 9 users per Hangout are allowed, so, stay tuned!

See you there!! Let's Hangout!

- Gustavo Barizon

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  1. Hi, I am interested to know on how to setup OVR for JDE DEMO Version 9.1.As this session is over, please can I get a document on the same


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